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  1. RaiserLiebe

    FS Rubberset 400, Red Tips (3) 39C, BB, Aristocrat, etc

    Items that I am not using and want to pass along at fair prices. Paypal only, Shipping included CONUS. Buy an item from Group 1, get an item from Group 2 at low price (basically to cover shipping). See pictures in this post, and more pictures in subsequent posts. Group 1 - more pictures in...
  2. RaiserLiebe

    FS: Gillette Old Type Bulldog 1914

    Hello all- FS Gillette Old Type Bulldog 1914. SN C467946 (see http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/US_Gillette_Dating_Information). All teeth present and straight. Plating in good shape overall, with some loss on top cap. One tiny crack with no separation. Includes monogrammed case (a bit...
  3. RaiserLiebe

    Adrian Michigan- New Bricks and mortar store!

    Hello, I am NOT affiliated with this store in any way, just a satisfied customer. Bought a brush and DE razor the other day. Great service and fast free (>$75) shipping. Added to the Ann-Arbor Detroit source wiki. Maggards Razors A bricks and mortar store in Adrian MI, also online shopping...
  4. RaiserLiebe

    Two new Rudy Vey custom brushes in the mail!

    My two beautiful brushes are in the mail this week from Rudy Vey. I am a face lather guy, so both knots are TGN 2-band finest fan shape, in 22 mm knot, 48 mm loft. The total height is 110-120 mm. Handle 1 is an "RV7" (M7) shape in dark green jade. Handle 2 is a Persian jar variant called an...
  5. RaiserLiebe

    Please help me choose first silvertip brush

    Hello, I am a DE shaver about six months in. I'm beginning to settle in with effective tools for razor (39C, Slim, Flaretip, Tech, HD, NEW) and soaps. I rarely get burn or nicks (except when rushed or trying sampler blades). I didn't really get SBAD until recently... I would like your advice on...
  6. RaiserLiebe

    Charleston So Carolina- Bricks and mortar stores?

    Hi all- Travelling to Charleston SC in May 2013. Anyone point me to bricks and mortar stores that are worth a visit there? THANKS! Cheers!
  7. RaiserLiebe

    Merz Apothecary (Chicago) is the BOMB!

    Hi all, My daughter lives in Chicago. My last two visits, I have made a side trip to Merz Apothecary (the Lincoln Square location). Their web site is http://www.smallflower.com/ I am not employed by the owners or related to their business in any way, just a satisfied customer. The sales...
  8. RaiserLiebe

    Cleaning silver open comb razors; Diamonds in the rough

    Hello, I wanted to share a cleanup process for silver razors that went well. None of these ideas are my own; I have the Brothers and Sisters at BOTOC and elsewhere here at B&B to thank for their generous guidance. I bought a New Standard ($65) which was mechanically sound, but heavily...
  9. RaiserLiebe

    San Francisco- bricks and mortar stores?

    Hi all, Spending a few days at conference in San Francisco next month (followed by a few days in Napa I think). Are there any "must see" stores in SF (I'm downtown by Moscone Center) where I can see, smell, and handle wetshaving products? I was able to visit Merz Apothecary in Chicago earlier...
  10. RaiserLiebe

    Is this a flare-tip?

    This looks like a flare tip superspeed to me (by comparing to photos in the ShaveWiki database). I will search threads but for now if you have any comments: 1. How are the SS's as shavers? 2. I am interested because this is a Z3 (1954) - my birth razor. Price $15 on the bay. Seems reasonable...
  11. RaiserLiebe

    Thanks to all here! 2nd week of DE shaving

    Hello all. Checking in from Detroit. In my second week of DE shaving and loving it. I'm getting good results thanks to all the wonderful advice and enthusiasm here. Thanks so much! One question- How do I post a profile picture? I have the right size image (100x100 pixel, and far less than 64...
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