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Search results

  1. CaptainK

    Source for Speick Guest Soap

    I've been a member since 2010, but it's been a few years since I've stopped by. I love what you've done with the place! I'm looking for a US-based retailer for Speick's 13.5g guest soap. I've checked Amazon & eBay, googled it, and searched the forums here, all with no luck. The Speick site...
  2. CaptainK

    Recommended suppliers and/or brands of essential and fragrance oils

    I'm looking to purchase some essential oils, and I know I can get better quality and value online than I can locally. But, oy! The plethora of choices out there! So, I thought I'd go to the trustworthy gentlemen (and ladies) of B&B for some advice. I thought I'd search the forums before...
  3. CaptainK

    How do you apply your aftershave talc?

    I have tried using talc after my shave for all its benefits. I've come across some issues I could use your help with. I've read several threads here on the subject, but some questions remain. 1) If you use talc after your shave, how do you apply it? I've tried applying it like an aftershave...
  4. CaptainK

    Master Well Comb Shaving Soap

    Well, here's a brand of shaving soap I've never heard of: http://goo.gl/uBIAT Lilac Vegetal?! :scared: :laugh: Anybody familiar with this soap? Scent aside, any comments on its performance?
  5. CaptainK

    Cigars in plastic tubes

    I recently received an order of Thompson Brittany pipe-tobacco cigars. Each one comes in a tightly capped, rigid plastic tube. This leads me to 2 questions: 1) Do I need to store these in a humidor, or will the tube keep them fresh? 2) If they need to be stored, can I store them in a...
  6. CaptainK

    TOBS Eton College SC, $14.95 shipped

  7. CaptainK

    Deal on 3 lighters

    I don't know if anyone would be interested in this, but I just got an email with this deal: I don't if it's true that these are the 3 best selling lighters they have, but if so then it sounds like a good deal - according to the email, they would normall be $27 plus shipping.
  8. CaptainK

    Anyone interested in sampling Thompson Brittany pipe-tobacco cigars?

    Would anyone be interested in going in on a Thompson Brittany Assortment of pipe-tobacco cigars with me? I know folks have advised me to look elsewhere, but I've read the reviews on these and really want to try them. Unfortunately, the smallest quantity they sell is 25 (5 ea. of 5 different...
  9. CaptainK

    Some initial impressions

    Well, thanks to the kind and informed recommendations from folks here, I have now sampled Drew Estates Jucy Lucy, and 3 of the different CAO flavored cigars. Thank you! I picked up a 5-pack of Jucy Lucys and the CAO Flavours Sampler from CI. The JLs are pretty small in size (is there a name...
  10. CaptainK

    More newbie questions

    Forgive my newbiness, but I was wondering a couple things about cigars: 1) Fillers: I've also heard "long-filler" referred to as "whole leaf." I always thought that "long-filler" was still thinly cut strips, but they just go the entire length of the cigar. Is that a correct interpretation...
  11. CaptainK

    Newbie starter deal

    I don't know if this should go here or in the Shopping & Deals forum; someone let me know if this should be moved. I don't know if this has already been shared by anyone or not, but I received an email from Thompson Cigar advertising this newbie starter deal. Actually, the email originally...
  12. CaptainK

    Pipe tobacco cigars

    I've been doing a little research on available pipe tobacco cigars. Has anyone seen/heard of/tried these Durangos? These look and sounds absolutely awesome! So far, besides the Durangos (their site doesn't list the size), I've turned up the following (with help from you): 3.88 x 18 Prime...
  13. CaptainK

    Free Sample: Aveda Pure-Performance Dual Action Aftershave and "Ritual of Renewal"

    Get a free sample of Aveda Pure-Performance Dual Action Aftershave here. After the intro slides load, click "Request an Aveda Men Sample" in the lower right corner and fill out a short form. You'll then be able to print a coupon redeemable at a local Aveda retail location. The coupon also...
  14. CaptainK

    Newbie looking for a shorter smoke

    I started smoking cigarettes over 30 years ago, but quit about 2 years ago. About 15 years ago, I attempted to take up pipe smoking, but couldn't get the hang of it. (Perhaps I could give that another try). Some of you may recall, a couple months ago, Cigars International offered a 3 cigar...
  15. CaptainK

    Williams in wooden bowls

    I hope someone here got these. Lasted all of 45 minutes. If so, congrats! :thumbup1: If you don't need them all, I'll be glad to take one off your hands - been watching for one of these for quite some time. :wink2:
  16. CaptainK

    Any menthol sticks out there?

    I fell in love with menthol soaps years ago when I started using Williams Menthol. I was so disappointed when it was discontinued. I was so happy to find B&B last year, and learn that there were more soaps & creams available than I could find at my local grocery/drug/super store. I found...
  17. CaptainK

    (Not shaving related) Free Samples for Health Care Professionals

    Are you a healthcare, laboratory or cleanroom professional who resides in one of the 50 United States, District of Columbia or Canada (except the province of Quebec)? Free KIMTECH samples available here.
  18. CaptainK

    Colgate stick ingredients?

    Got this NOS Colgate stick off the bay and used it for the first time this morning. Woah, what a great performer! I swear it has tallow, but I'm not certain. Does anyone know the ingredients for Colgate sticks? I (possibly incorrectly) presume that it's the same as their cup soap, but even the...
  19. CaptainK

    OMG - I *had* to share! Wilkinson commercial

    I don't know if this has been shared anywhere else, but ... I just came across this, and I had to share it! :lol: bZzXukhLCIs
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