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  1. Limey

    Weasel Puke

    Has anyone tried the Weasel Puke coffee HERE?
  2. Limey

    Some of my favorites

    I just completed converting a sports memorabilia display cabinet into a straight razor cabinet. I mounted it to a wall in my bathroom and I am very excited to have some straights on display and easy to get to versus having them sitting in a drawer. Sorry about the lousy photo with me in the...
  3. Limey

    SOTD pic test

    SOTD post test http://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/media/13864&c=7
  4. Limey

    Frederick Reynolds Restore

    This is a Frederick Reynolds Restore project with before and after pics. I got the blade back to mirror like and added some Yellowheart scales with Aluminum liners, super glue finish, marbled wedge and stainless hardware (domed washers and pins). The razor is also now shave ready and shaves as...
  5. Limey

    Where's Tilly?

    Does anyone know what happened to Tilly aka redtrader99 also www.redtrader99.com? She used to handle stones and hones and I can't seem to find her?
  6. Limey

    GPS for my car?

    Which GPS unit would you guys recommend for in the car? I have been looking at the Dash Express as well as the Garmin Nuvi 350 and Garmin Nuvi 750. The Dash Express has the two way internet communication and great traffic reporting. The Nuvi 350 is a nice price and seems easy to operate and...
  7. Limey

    You can drink an Aqua Velva

    I got this from Wikipedia and thought all the 'Velva lovers hers would enjoy. An Aqua Velva is an alcohol-based cocktail. Ingredients: A sprig of fresh mint 2 cups high quality vodka 1/4 oz of Blue Curacao Place enough mint in the bottom of a mortar and pestle and grind with a tablespoon of...
  8. Limey

    W&B in Birdseye Maple

    Here is a razor going out to a friend. Its a nice W&B blade in Birdseye Maple scales with a CA finish, stainless washers and nickel silver pins. The spacer is lead and was from the original scales and the shape mirrors those as well.
  9. Limey

    Jim aka Goosemeplease at 10,000 posts!

    Congratulations to Jim aka Goosemeplease as the 2nd B&B member (after Ouch) to hit the 10,000 post mark. Way to go Jim...thanks for all the great posts especially the ones with pictures!
  10. Limey

    Welcome back Chop-chop!

    Welcome back Bruce aka Chop-chop after a 6 month + absence. Glad you found your way back home!
  11. Limey

    Dr. Moss' guide

    I read through Dr. Moss' guide to straight razor shaving again over the weekend and and picked up a few more little things. This is such a great reference that I would recommend this guide to anyone already straight razor shaving or just starting! HERE is the link to view it print it or so on...
  12. Limey

    Spalted Myrtle Burl

    Here are some pictures of a W&B razor that belongs to a friend that I honed and made some scales for.
  13. Limey

    The Zowadas Are Coming!

    I posted this earlier in another thread but its big enough news to get its own thread... I received an email that a package has been shipped to me from ClassicShaving.com. The Zowada is the ony thing I am expecting from them at the moment so.....yippee...it's on the way!!!!
  14. Limey

    Tom Ray Restore

    This is a Tom Ray Cutlery I restored with White Marbled Acrylic Scales, Black Acrylic wedge, Stainless washers and Nickle Silver pins.
  15. Limey

    W&B Restore

    Here is my latest restoration run. Its a Wade & Butcher with Chechen scales, 12 coat CA finish, black acrylic wedge and a combination of homemade domed washers (pivot & wedge) and store bought brass washers along with brass pins. This one is also now shave ready!
  16. Limey

    Pimp my Wapi -- again

    Another Wapi I pimped with new scales. The scales are Purpleheart and the spacer is white marble acrylic. The hardware is my first attempt at making my own pins with washers from microfasteners. The finish is 12 coats of CA which is my favorite finish so far. I really like the depth and gloss.
  17. Limey

    Honing Old Razors

    I have collected a few old razors that I am having trouble honing. I don't know if its been 5 months, 5 years or 50 years since some of these have been properly honed. I have been using a Norton 4K/8K on the 4K side to get these things started but in some cases I have worked them for 30 minutes...
  18. Limey

    1 piece scales

    How do they make these one piece scales. Is some sort of milling machine needed?
  19. Limey

    Touch up honing

    Once I've used a razor for 5-6 shaves it seems to need a touch up. I've got a Norton 4K/8K and a yellow coticle. What should I do? How many passes on what would get me back to sharp and ready to strop? :confused:
  20. Limey

    365 Shaves in 2007!

    I did it! I set a resolution to shave everyday in 2007 and I got to enjoy all 365 of them and I look forward to it in 2008! :biggrin:
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