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  1. Foyle

    FS:Instant Shave Den/Ultimate Newbie Setup.

    CONUS ONLY PLEASE I'd like to sell these items as a lot. This is everything the newbie needs to get going with an instant shave den or for the seasonsed enthusiast who just wants to add the collection. I'm offering a Merkur 34C with case, a Muhle HJM Black Fibre synthetic shave brush, a...
  2. Foyle

    Akkerman Shocking Blue/ What's Your Experience With It?

    I was at Anderson Pens today, and I happened to pickup a bottle of Akkerman's Shocking Blue. Usually before I put an unfamiliar ink in one of my piston fillers (Pelikan or Lamy 2K), I usually test it in a C/C pen first, that is unless I'm confident I won't have problems because of an ink or...
  3. Foyle

    Musgo Real/ No Longer Available In the US?

    I stopped by my local soap shop today to replenish my supply of Musgo Real aftershave balm. I was told that the brand was no longer being imported into the country. I wound up walking out with a bottle of Proraso balm instead. But boy what a bummer. I've been using Musgo Real for at least...
  4. Foyle

    Pen Review-Pilot Prera

    The Pilot Prera is most commonly found in the clear demonstrator version at most U.S. retailers, and that had always put me off from buying this pen. I’m also not a particularly big fan of the clear version, and at $56.00 at many online pen retailers, I find this pen is way overpriced. The...
  5. Foyle

    Help Me Choose a Blue

    I've had kind of a hit-and-miss relationship with blue inks. Some are great, and some I haven't liked very much. I've got Waterman Serenity Blue, and I like it quite a bit. It's my favorite blue ink so far. Aurora Blue is great, but I hate the bottle and it's a bit pricey. Pelikan 4001 was...
  6. Foyle

    A Cool Video About an Impressive Pen Collection

    I stumbled across this video this evening. This man has quite the collection. Enjoy.
  7. Foyle

    Waterman Mysterious Blue, Parker Quink Permanent Blue/Black: The Same Ink or Not?

    I've read in various places that these two inks are actually the same ink in different bottles. Does anyone have an opinion on this? The color does seem awfully similar between the two, but Parker is cheaper by volume than Waterman making it the better buy–if indeed they are the same ink...
  8. Foyle

    Pelikan 4001 Dunkelgrün (Dark Green) Review

    Pelikan recently released a new addition to its line of 4001 inks: Dunkelgrün (Dark Green). I've been on the hunt for a good green ink for a little while now. I had tried Montblanc Irish Green, but found it too bright for my tastes, and it only worked well on really good paper. Feathering and...
  9. Foyle

    Just Ordered Pelikan 4001 Dark Green

    Well, I've been hankerin' for a green ink for a while now. I tried a sample of Montblanc Irish Green, but it wasn't for me. Too bright for my tastes leaning a little yellow. A while back I heard the Pelikan released a dark green ink, so I decided to buy a bottle. It should be here in a...
  10. Foyle

    Question About Reusing Montblanc Shoe Bottle

    I have an old Montblanc ink bottle that I'd like to dispense some ink into. The problem is that the plastic (or is it paper) cap seal is missing. Do I need to replace that in oder to ensure the cap will seal properly? If so, what could I use?
  11. Foyle

    Need Advice for Correcting a Deficiency in Technique

    I've noticed that I sometimes have a slight tendency to rotate my pen clockwise when writing. With most pens, this doesn't prove to be a real problem, but with one in particular, my M200 with a 14k gold nib, it gets scratchy when I do that. I think what's happening is that the rotation causes...
  12. Foyle

    Ink Lot: J. Herbin, Montblanc, Waterman

    CONUS ONLY PLEASE I have an ink lot for sale. J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir (sapphire blue), Montblanc Mystery Black, and Waterman Black. The Waterman and the Herbin have only been used for one pen filling each, so they are almost completely full. The Montblanc has been seen a couple of fillings...
  13. Foyle

    That was close. Whew!

    I took my trusty new M200 with me to work yesterday. I had to make a stop as part of my duties, and I left my M200 in my bag in the car for an hour or so while I took care of business. I forgot to take it in with me. When I got back to the car, I realized it probably wasn't a wise move to...
  14. Foyle

    M200 Black Incoming

    I really love my Pelikan M200 Cafe Creme with a 14k gold nib, but I'm not comfortable taking that pen to work with me. So, I decided it was finally time to get a second Pelikan, but this time with a steel nib. I just ordered a Pelikan M200 in black with a fine steel nib from Indypendance. I...
  15. Foyle

    Inks That Don't Fade? Is It More The Color Than the Formulation?

    It seems to me that blue inks are just prone to fading. I recently started thumbing through a notebook from about a year ago, and the notes I've written in blue ink, Waterman and Pelikan, have faded considerably (legible but still faded) even though the book has been closed and the ink has been...
  16. Foyle

    Found a Great Resource for Improving Penmanship

    I came across a video of this woman teaching someone how to improve their penmanship. Check it out. It might be helpful to you if you're working on better penmanship.
  17. Foyle

    I Really Don't Like 4001 Royal Blue.

    I just flushed 4001 Royal Blue out of my M200. I really don't like this ink. It just looks pale and washed out, and I find the nib doesn't glide well with this ink. I like blue ink, but I like it to have some vibrancy. Aurora Blue fits the bill well, and I like Sailor Jentle Blue as well, but...
  18. Foyle

    Nice Father's Day Nib Gift

    My wife and son got me a new pen for Father's day. They picked out a nice Easterbrook LJ for me from the local pen shop. I was really surprised to see an Esterbrook when I opened the box. My little boy picked out the color. It's a gorgeous red, and the pen looks practically brand new. It...
  19. Foyle

    Disappointed with Montblanc Mystery Black/ Is Royal Blue Better?

    I've got a bottle of Montblanc Mystery Black ink, and I regret to say that I'm not a fan. Toffee Brown is a nice ink, but Mystery Black just leaves a lot to be desired. It looks mushy, washed out, and thin. It doesn't impart much glide to the nib either. It doesn't flow well in any pen I've...
  20. Foyle

    Odd Issue with Aurora Black and Lamy2k Combo/ Watery First Stroke

    I've had an odd issue that's come up a couple of times using my Lamy 2K loaded with Aurora Black. If it's been my pocket for a while, when I uncap it to write something, the first couple of strokes will be almost clear water, then suddenly, I get a good strong line of ink. So far, this has...
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