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Search results

  1. DunEdinRanger

    Boneless Chicken Banned!

    I just head a news report that the FDA, succumbing to pressure from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will announce today the closure of every single boneless chicken farm in the United States. "Those poor caged genetically modified fowl are just flopping around in their cages...
  2. DunEdinRanger

    Messenger Bags

    I'm investigating getting a messenger bag to carry work items and lunch. I would like something sturdy, long lasting, and reasonably priced. It should be able to fit a laptop also, and be at least water resistant. Any recommendations?
  3. DunEdinRanger

    North Jersey Venues

    Ladies & Gents, I have found possible locations for a meetup in North Jersey. The first is an outstanding Cuban Restaurant in Fair Lawn with reasonable prices, great food, deserts, and a BYOB policy. The Place: Casa De La Trova http://www.casadelatrovarestaurant.com/ The other place is a...
  4. DunEdinRanger

    The Long Open Comb March

    Just a friendly reminder. It's almost here! In 37 days we being Open Comb March! Get those Open Combs cleaned and ready. :thumbup1:
  5. DunEdinRanger

    12 Shaves!

    I'm retiring the blade, but feel bad doing so. It has given me 12 outstanding shaves. All have been very smooth, close, comfortable, and long lasting. I last shaved about 30 hours ago and still am not sporting 5 O'Clock Shadow. The razor - The Gem Open Comb MicroMatic.
  6. DunEdinRanger

    Ebbets Field Ad

    I came across this and thought it interesting.
  7. DunEdinRanger

    Early Morning NYC Skyline

    For your viewing pleasure. Bonus points if you can guess where these were taken.:001_smile
  8. DunEdinRanger

    Warren County Fairgrounds

    Playing with a new cell phone camera...
  9. DunEdinRanger

    Calling All Veg Lovers, All Ye Chosen!

    One BrianW, someone who has not been chosen, has made an outstanding offer. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/347066-Hear-Ye-Hear-Ye As you all know the annual extravaganza is on Maybe it's the rain here in Pottsylvania all day.....or maybe my brain is just addled. But...
  10. DunEdinRanger

    Vintage GEM Ad - En Español

    I was eating at a local Cuban watering hole "La Rumba Cubana" (75th & Broadway, in North Bergen, NJ) and one of their walls has vintage ads from Cuban magazines, which I suspect are BC - Before Castro. Here is the ad: Now what does it say?"You need a hard blade to shave a hard beard" You...
  11. DunEdinRanger

    The Airlines Do It Again!

    I just got back from ordering lunch at the Campus cafeteria and the news channel had a story about how both United and Delta will be implementing a new volumetric and weight based fare system. According to the report, when passengers show up at the terminal, and present their ticket to an...
  12. DunEdinRanger

    On The Prowl

    I was at the NYC Transit Museum and one of the Subway cars there had this ad for an After Shave: Anyone ever hear of this?
  13. DunEdinRanger

    Convert The Watch Heretic!

    As you ladies and gentlemen of the forum may have been aware, I have recently acquired an interest in watches. I have mentioned I have champagne taste and a micro brew beer budget. Unless one acquires a perpetual day/date analog watch, then 10 months of the year the day has to be adjusted...
  14. DunEdinRanger

    Event Meet Up?

    Perhaps I am still in the throes of oxygen deprivation after completing a half marathon, but I was thinking... How cool would it be to have a meetup at a major race? I know there are B&B'ers who run, even some who like to run. :001_rolle So what do you gents think?
  15. DunEdinRanger

    Men's Pro Diver Chronograph Rose Gold Dial Two Tone Yeay or Nay?

    Esteemed ladies and gentlemen of the forum, what is the consensus on this watch? Is it a good brand; reliable, accurate, durable? Is $70 a good price?
  16. DunEdinRanger

    Badgers! We Don't Need No Stinking Badgers!

    We could all go Badger Hunting in Jolly Old England! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2285325/Cull-thousands-badgers-Somerset-Gloucestershire-WILL-ahead-site-Dorset-standby.html?ITO=socialnet-twitter-mailonline&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=socialnet-twitter-mailonline
  17. DunEdinRanger

    Open Comb March 2013 Is Here!

    Finally, it has arrived. Please post here about your Open Comb shaves!:thumbup1:
  18. DunEdinRanger

    Open Comb March is Coming!

    There are those who will look to the calendar and think of nothing but March Madness, others recall the Ides of March, yet others will note that March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. But not us! No, we merry band of wet shaving brothers know that when the Calendar turns it can...
  19. DunEdinRanger

    RIP Sheaffer Targa

    It finally happened. Thursday night, I was getting ready for work the next day and took out the Targa. I'll give you the Readers Condensed version: As I was getting ready to test the Nib on some paper, it slipped from my hand and landed Nib First on a hardwood floor...
  20. DunEdinRanger

    It's that time of year again.

    If memory serves correct, while the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the NYC Metro Area is indeed the Winter Solstice, c. December 21; the earliest sunset is around December 8th, and the latest sunrise is January 5th. So here are a few photos of the sun rising over New York City and...
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