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  1. DunEdinRanger

    Brush Acquisition Thread

    It's been awhile. Almost 2 years and 5 months since I purchased a new shaving brush. However, getting drawn into the rabbit hole investigating the merits of the Supply and One Blade razor, google sent me to Phoenix Shaving to check their single edge razors and then, like Magic!, it happened...
  2. DunEdinRanger

    Supply razor on Shark Tank last night?

    They are running an offer of free blades for life. Has anyone tried this razor? How are the blades?
  3. DunEdinRanger

    Occam's razor.

    25 Shaves. I think it would have been good for a few more shaves but decided to err on the side of caution.
  4. DunEdinRanger

    Occam's razor.

    Yesterday was shave # 20 with the same blade. Still going strong!
  5. DunEdinRanger

    Occam's razor.

    I've been using this with the Pro Guard blades for about a month now, and the last three weeks have been using the three dot head. There's one spot, along the jawline that I have to buff. Other than that, the shaves are quick, efficient, smooth and no cuts. The blades are more expensive than...
  6. DunEdinRanger

    Occam's razor.

    11 Shaves in with the same blade. I've noticed a slight degradation but it may have more to do with my prep and poor lather the last two days than anything else.
  7. DunEdinRanger

    Occam's razor.

    I received mine and now have just over 10 shaves with it. I started with the #2 head and switched to the #3 head after 5 shaves with the Pro Guard blades. I get a very good, close, comfortable, long lasting BBS shave with the razor and these blades. When I can go over 12 hours without stubble...
  8. DunEdinRanger

    Blades for featherweight

    The PAL Carbon Steel Blades are much better than the GEM Blue Star Blades. I consider those GEM to be the Chevy Vega of the shaving world. You remember the Vega? The car that would start to rust in the showroom... :)
  9. DunEdinRanger

    What is the easiest Gem Razor Model to start with?

    Which ever one you start one with doesn't matter. You'll soon hear the siren call of the Open Comb Micro-Matic, much like the One Ring calling to its Master. That razor is the pinnacle of razor technology. I get great shaves from a lot of my razors, but the OCMM? Oh... BBS All the time, and the...
  10. DunEdinRanger

    New Yorkers !

    Well there was nothing to report. Other than we cleaned out Pasteur's stock of Mosswood After Shave, and I picked up a soap called Submariner and a Tabac puck. And Until today, thanks to Rudy, I never knew Pasteur's sold German lip stick. Ooops balm. Lip Balm. :001_rolle
  11. DunEdinRanger

    Boneless Chicken Banned!

    I just head a news report that the FDA, succumbing to pressure from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will announce today the closure of every single boneless chicken farm in the United States. "Those poor caged genetically modified fowl are just flopping around in their cages...
  12. DunEdinRanger

    New Yorkers !

    How about April 25th? We meet at Pasteur's on 34th and meander up to the St. Andrew's? Mid-April is prime Haggis hunting season, so we'll be getting fresh Haggis from Scotland!
  13. DunEdinRanger

    Messenger Bags

    I'm investigating getting a messenger bag to carry work items and lunch. I would like something sturdy, long lasting, and reasonably priced. It should be able to fit a laptop also, and be at least water resistant. Any recommendations?
  14. DunEdinRanger

    New Yorkers !

    I have a previous commitment the afternoon of the 21st, so that is no good for me.
  15. DunEdinRanger

    What's in your pocket today?

    I carried three pens in my pocket today. A maroon Sailor 1912 midsize, A Pelikan 200 cursive italic, and a cheap ballpoint to lend out. One of our new students fed me the perfect straight line, and I was so stunned that I didn't have a comeback. "Is that a Pelikan in your pocket?"
  16. DunEdinRanger

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I had been showing remarkable restraint. Until this week.
  17. DunEdinRanger

    Article from the New York Times

    A depressing read. Long Live The Fountain Pen!
  18. DunEdinRanger

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    This morning I used the Gem MicroMatic Clog-pruf. Once again, a phenomenal shave! A new GEM SS blade, the CO Bigelow Prorasso, and Osage Rub AS were all I needed to kickstart Monday. The more I shave with the MicroMatics, the more I become convinced that future generations will mark the...
  19. DunEdinRanger

    $31.50 Hoffritz Slant clean up!

    Not only did you get a Hoffritz Slant, but is that a Gillette Aristocrat?
  20. DunEdinRanger

    North Jersey Venues

    Ladies & Gents, I have found possible locations for a meetup in North Jersey. The first is an outstanding Cuban Restaurant in Fair Lawn with reasonable prices, great food, deserts, and a BYOB policy. The Place: Casa De La Trova http://www.casadelatrovarestaurant.com/ The other place is a...
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