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  1. skklog

    Polishing multi shade shoes

    I've only ever owned black dress shoes. But recently decided to get some much needed brown shose. My question to you gentlemen is, what's the best way/ Products to use here. The toe is a darker brown then the back.
  2. skklog

    Movado wrist-watch's....your thoughts.

    I was just at a kays jewelers, I was looking at a Citizen watch About $150 Eco-Drive and Atomic. this one in fact. But then the nice sales girl told me I should get a Movado instead This is the one she showed me Now it's about $800 I'm going to assume you know what...
  3. skklog

    New to Golf HELP!

    Saturday I played Golf for the first time, it went well, except for almost hitting some guy with my hooked ball and it rained the whole time, and losing my new balls I JUST got in the water! But it was fun. so any advice for a newbie Here is my gear I was told this would be a...
  4. skklog

    Any cat breeder here.

    My wife and I are wanting to get a Siamese seal point, but there are a few breeders to chose from. I was wondering if any one had any suggestions/things to look for? the cats we've seen are between $200-400.
  5. skklog

    my test

  6. skklog

    Dr Bob's Shaving Thread!!

    Dr Bob's Shaving Thread!! Up till now DrBob has had no shaving stuff. Well I'm about to change all that! Here is the list 1.7 OZ tube of C.O Bigelow shaving cream 4 packs of Personna reds DE blades A blue mug I found cheap! A very nice badger brush, given to me, by Mr...
  7. skklog

    Skklog's Shaving Thread!

    OK, this is a little overdue, so here we go! First, to let you know about my DE shaving history My weapon of choice, 1958 Gillette super speed. My brush, some short of badger brush ( I don't know what it is) The blades I have tried, Derby, It dose the job, but that's...
  8. skklog

    Skklog checking in, 1400 post late!

    Well here I am, I was told I was suppose to post here when I joined. well lets just say I'm late. O well, HI to all the B&B'ers better late than never!
  9. skklog

    Soft cookie recipe?

    I make some darn good chocolate chip cookies, but they get hard as soon as they cool I've notice that the one you buy don't( nabisco's chips ahoy chewy chocolate chip) I want to make them stay chewy, any help!!
  10. skklog

    I thinking of a number!

    OK the games is pretty simple I'm thinking of a number between 1-100 the winner will then pick a number, and so on so on. please do not post twice in a row At some point I will offer a reward to the winner ( I don't know when yet, it will depend on how fast the game go's or dies)
  11. skklog

    Ask skklog

    Hi to all :biggrin:
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