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Search results

  1. Ridgeback

    Mammoth Tooth and Shavemac D01 Silvertip

    This was the hardest piece of tooth I have ever worked with 🤬...4 ceramic belts and lost count on the sand paper...The T&M I have into this brush is ridiculous...But I like to challenge myself once in a while.
  2. Ridgeback

    Wolfman Question

    How long is the wait for the razor after you have paid in full???...I didn't want to bother Tara and come off as impatient...thanks
  3. Ridgeback

    Son's Xmas Kit

    Timeless. 68 Custom Brush...HMW Knot SS Stand & Soaps
  4. Ridgeback

    No Lathe Handle Making WIP

    First thing to do is square up all 6 sides
  5. Ridgeback

    WTB Gillette Single Ring

    Have seen one on Ebay but in poor condition...Wanting to dive in this Rabbit Hole.
  6. Ridgeback

    Lazy Afternoon Waxing

    A little maintenance to keep the wood Fresh & Clean.
  7. Ridgeback

    Arizona Ironwood & Boar

    This will be my first Boar brush...I am pretty Stoked!
  8. Ridgeback

    Spalted Maple

    This block of wood has alot going on 😍
  9. Ridgeback

    Curly Mango

    The chatoyance is Strong on this one...pay no attention to the knot.
  10. Ridgeback

    Snakewood...pic heavy

    Snakewood is such a PITA to work with, but I do Love the results...Pay no attention to the knot, I have some Nice knots on order.
  11. Ridgeback

    Almost in the "Pile of Shame"

    Some Olive burl and Claro Walnut...I laid it out wrong and didn't realize it until it was to late...I just had to save such pretty pieces of wood,so this what I managed to do...Pay no attention to the knot,its just for show.
  12. Ridgeback

    FS CG LV2 & Rex Ambassador

    I purchased these two back in July...Very little use on either razors...Both give an Excellent shave ...If you have any questions please feel free to ask. $190 CG. $190 Rex
  13. Ridgeback

    Amboyna burl

    The knot isn't set...I think I will put a synthetic in her
  14. Ridgeback

    Recommendation for a first straight

    Is there a size and grind that lends itself to a first try at straight shaving?
  15. Ridgeback

    Chubby's brother

    Some Koa flipped on the bias...TGN 26mm grade A silver tip
  16. Ridgeback

    My Chubby

    28mm HMW fan from Elite
  17. Ridgeback

    Some Curly Koa

    24mm knot HMW from Elite
  18. Ridgeback

    Olive Burl

    24mm knot Ultra dense HMW from shave forge.
  19. Ridgeback

    Shavemac Break in...

    My Shavemac D01 2 band arrived Friday...I took it out of the box and ran it across my Face...My first thought was "He!! No"...This knot was super stiff and irritating, which I haven't experienced with my other 7 knots....So I thought to myself "how can I expedite the break in of this...
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