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Search results

  1. Jdgibson76

    Gillette Slim 1962

    I'm thinking of buying a restored Slim, but can anyone tell me how it performs by today's standards?
  2. Jdgibson76

    What's your favorite Myrsol?

    What's your favorite Myrsol? I've just ordered the Lemon
  3. Jdgibson76

    A Brit asking you guys whats the best American shave cream?

    A Brit asking you guys whats the best American shave cream
  4. Jdgibson76

    Is Floid aftershave nice?

    Is Floid aftershave nice?
  5. Jdgibson76

    Are Ikons good?

    I'm interested in an ikon razor but I want to know why they have a hefty price tag
  6. Jdgibson76

    Merkur Vs lkon

    I currently shave with a few Merkur razors, Futur, 39C, 933. I find them all great in their own way. I've seen a lot of interest in the Ikon range, & I am curious. What are people's thoughts as a comparison?
  7. Jdgibson76

    Mega Shave Scuttle

    Just ordered this Mega scuttle off eBay Dimensions Outer bowl is 7.5" (19 cm) wide by 3" (8 cm) high Lather bowl is 6.25" (16 cm) wide by 2" (5 cm) deep The scuttle holds +1/2 pint of water ( 250 ml or 10 fl oz.)
  8. Jdgibson76

    Anybody used Fitjar Soap?

    Has anyone used Fitjar soap from Norway?
  9. Jdgibson76

    Which Simpson Chubby?

    So after owning a Wee Scot I bought for travelling, I decided I liked Simpson now as a brand. But I wanted a bigger brush for everyday use. The Chubbys got great reviews and it really was a toss up between the 2 or 3 in Super. Geofatboy advised me the 3 was very cream/soap hungry. But the man...
  10. Jdgibson76

    Straight razor sizes

    So I bought my first straight razor a few months ago, A Dovo Best quality 5/8. I'm getting on ok with it considering. Just wanted to know how the other larger razors differ?
  11. Jdgibson76

    What's your favourite Simpson Brush?

    I've currently use a Simpson Wee Scot that I bought because of its size for travelling & an introduction to Simpson as a brand a few months ago. Before that I used a Men-U synthetic for 9 years. I'm really impressed with the Wee Scot, & was of the opinion that a brush was a brush before I bought...
  12. Jdgibson76

    Merkur 933 - Travel razor

    I recently bought the Merkur 933 travel razor for my 2 week trip to Mexico. For those that are not familiar with this razor, it dismantles down into 4 pieces and packs into its own tiny leather pouch. This is an amazing razor, & I was blown away by the results using a feather blade & a 3 pass...
  13. Jdgibson76

    Hi everyone : I'm new on here.

    Hi guys, I'm new here. i have used a Merkur futur for about 9 years, along with a synthetic Men-u brush. I like most guys thought I knew enough about our daily male ritual, apparently not. I watched geofatboy on you tube regarding 3 pass shave techniques. Wow, suddenly my razor I knew worked...
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