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  1. Merk61

    Movember 2019

    Basically just doing the no-shave November until the wife tells me to shave the full beard back to a goatee. Dale
  2. Merk61

    Soul patch

    I've always called the soul patch, "the tickler" (for her pleasure).
  3. Merk61

    When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

    I have the goatee but my kids tell me moustaches are for cops or pedos.
  4. Merk61

    Identify - Gillette or non-Gillette?

    It has the patena of being vintage.
  5. Merk61

    1957 Gillette Süper Speed Blue Tip

    Me too Twelvefret, although I was 13 when my dad gave me a worn out electric Philishave with 2 heads and said, "here you better start using this". I think I had it less than 2 months before the motor was burnt out. Dale
  6. Merk61

    Identify - Gillette or non-Gillette?

    My son was given this razor by his girlfriend and the only mark is a stamped 66 on the inside of the top plate. Does anyone have an idea of maker and what era? Dale
  7. Merk61

    D-I-Y Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    Wow, lots of great ideas from a community of fine gentlemen, thank you guys. Dale
  8. Merk61

    D-I-Y Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    Thanks guys. I was thinking about the pill bottles but I wasn't sure if pharmacies would hand them out. Dale
  9. Merk61

    D-I-Y Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    So here's the dilemma, I'm going to Cuba in May with my bride and although I have a goatee I still want to shave my head and the rest of my face. I've been looking on line for an inexpensive travel tube but the shops either don't ship to Canada or the bloody thing costs an arm and a leg. Just...
  10. Merk61

    Change in seasons and change in beard length

    Well, with the beginning of spring, I'm back to the goatee. Dale
  11. Merk61

    "Must Have" vintage safety razors

    Well, the ones I have are: Single Ring '07 Old Type Ball End Goodwill 31-35 Sheraton 37-39 Senator 38-39 Aristocrat 40s Ball-end Tech Milord 40s Super Speed Black Tip Super Speed 51-52 Blue Tip Red Tip Fat Boy 61 Slim 61 Gold Slim 61 Flare Tip Super Speed Lady Gillette 68 Black Handle Slim...
  12. Merk61

    PIF - Tattooed Gillette. (Sorry hard core collectors, I couldn't help myself.)

    Newbomb, To answer your DE question, I picked up a ladies Gillette in blue, her birth year. She is afraid to use it unless I show her how to. Let's just say I'm squeemish with the DE around the "naughty" bits. We'll get there though, once we are living under the same roof. Dale
  13. Merk61

    Furious at barber! Brian blessed to General Zod in an instant!

    Been there my friend. Wanted just a clean-up but it ended so badly, I shaved it bare and started over. Dale
  14. Merk61

    PIF - Tattooed Gillette. (Sorry hard core collectors, I couldn't help myself.)

    I'll bite. My love is my finance, we are planning to get married in April, both in our 50's. Not how we met but an interesting detail, I was the soloist at her wedding in 1992. Skip ahead to 2012, both our spouses cheated on us and left. After exchanging a couple emails I finally asked her out...
  15. Merk61

    Does any not use any beard care products?

    I love Bluebeard's Beard Rinse. I'm sure there are other products out there but, I've found what works and will probably stick with it. Bluebeard's has reduced the dandruff and itch to almost non-existent. I only wash my beard a couple times a week in the winter to reduce drying out and just...
  16. Merk61

    Shame on you

    Okay, so is no one addressing the SJW virtue signalling ad? Or maybe discussing things as such are taboo and against the rules here on B&B? Dale
  17. Merk61

    Change in seasons and change in beard length

    I started shaving my head about 15 years ago, if I remember correctly. It was more to avoid the "old man" ring of hair. I have considered growing it back but my girlfriend prefers my head shaved and to tell you the truth, it actually feels odd when I go even a week without shaving my head. Oh...
  18. Merk61

    Change in seasons and change in beard length

    I tend to start a goatee on Sep 1st. I then go to the full beard starting Nov 1st. I usually shave everything off mid-March. My head is shaved all year round.
  19. Merk61

    Newbie: beard care, a little frustrated

    I use Bluebeard Beard Rinse with the "citrus" aroma. I like it and it keeps the facial dandruff in check. For some reason it also curtails the itchiness when growing my new beard at the beginning of the fall/winter season.