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  1. SliceOfLife

    Butterscotch Vintage Brushes/Brush handles and Straight Razors

    For Sale. $5 shipping flat for any amount of items in US 48. Left to right: Kent Mixed hair knot small crack $9 Kent Mixed hair knot (mostly boar) small crack $11 (Very good usable knot, but VERY scrubby... I like it, but I have 2 of them) EverReady 750 (knot trimmed off) $15 Unknown Mixed...
  2. SliceOfLife

    Vintage Simpson, Rooney, Kent, Straight Razors, Thuringians, Barbers Hones

    Shipping in US will be $5 flat regardless of how much you order. First the Razors, all are shave-ready, User-grade razors: Clauss In bone scales. Loose in scales, must guide closed or tighten scales $11 Clauss in black. This is the same blank as the USMC razors, but wasnt a USMC. If you like...
  3. SliceOfLife

    One of my wishlist vintage brush handles has arrived.

    So the Erskine H-750*, which I suspect may be one of the earliest "beehive" design brushes, and is certainly the gem of the Erskine lineup in my opinion, has been on my wishlist for awhile. I finally snagged one. And it brought along a friend. A Simpson "40" Made for Gimbels. Looks like the...
  4. SliceOfLife

    Zenith Short and Scrubby B17 here

    So I ordered the Short and Scrubby B17 from eBay. Store name is "The Gentle Shave". It appears a lot of what they sell is custom made for them by Zenith, and is mostly standard brushes slightly modified (remove the ring) and lower lofted. This brush is no exception. 24mm knot @ 48mm Loft...
  5. SliceOfLife

    FS Shave Ready Straights, Tons of Brushes, Yardley Shave Soap, Gilette Slim Adjustable, Coticule, Slate

    All prices are in the Continental 48. International will be a $50 minimum and pay actual shipping on top -$5 Brushes in red ($8 each, $13/2, $16/3): Semogue 830 (I think). Got used, washed it and used it once. Not my kinda brush. ST Regis Vintage. Nearly New. Interesting, heavy brush with DEEP...
  6. SliceOfLife

    Behold a Bevy of Buxom Butterscotch Bakelite Beauties; Brushes, Badger, Boar, Browned By Background

    So, I've been on a brush buying spree lately, so at some point soon, I'll have to turn around and trim the collection again... but first I wanted to get a group shot. I've got a lot of vintage bone, ivory and marblescotch brushes too, but this shot will just be the solid Bakelite ones... as...
  7. SliceOfLife

    Criminal theft...

    How exactly did no one bid against me on this one? Vintage Simpson and kent, in good shape. And a third that looks like a probable culmak to reknot. For starting bid. Less than $20 shipped. Vintage Shaving Brushes, Lot of 4 | eBay
  8. SliceOfLife

    Vintage and modern Shaving brushes and Straight Razors for Sale

    All prices are shipped US. International you pay price + actual shipping-$5 All razors are shave ready, all razors are users. I don't polish. I clean pitting off the edge, remove rust, hone it, and check the edge under 400x magnification. Waterville Cutlery - "The Celebrated Hollow Ground...
  9. SliceOfLife

    Mixed badger and Boar Brushes:

    I'm a big fan of mixed badger and boar brushes. Figured I'd start a thread to discuss them, compare opinions and experience. My favorites: Semogue BC Mistura Maggard Mixed hair knot (Fan, set @ 51loft) APLuxury Mixed hair knot (Bulb, set @ 51loft) I suspect the Semogue SoC mixed would be up...
  10. SliceOfLife

    Three Vintage brushes given new life.

    The very long long ago backstory is that I'm a big, big fan of the Semogue BC LE Mistura (mixed badger/boar knot) brush. I also collect vintage bone and ivory carved brushes. I've got a couple that had no knot or an unsalvagable knot, but I've never gotten to reknot (usually because they were...
  11. SliceOfLife

    Clearing out some razors and hones, also Old Spice mugs

    All razors are shave ready. No pitting at the edge, but most aren't polished. These are user razors. If you want something someone ground on a buffer until it's practically tin foil so they could sell it as NOS, look elsewhere. Top spike: $25 shipped Middle spike (scales need tightened): $24...
  12. SliceOfLife

    Densest 2band Badger knots available for purchase?

    What are the densest 2 band badger knots available for purchase?
  13. SliceOfLife

    My shave results; edge comparisons.

    I've got a handful of new hones to rank and score; and rather than resurrect my 3 year old barbers hone thread, with outdated camera images and a ton of junky hones not worth the time to test; I figured I'd do a reboot of sorts. Not planning to keep it exclusive to barber synths, and using a...
  14. SliceOfLife

    What all did I get here?

    Bought a lot of shaving brushes, not positive what they all are. Any ideas? My guesses... Razorock "the hulk" 3band Vulfix 2235s super ??? 3band in horn ??? Pure badger? ??? Pure badger? Vulfix 1000a pure Semo 610 Semo 620 Plisson black badger Vulfix 2236s super Vulfix 660s super Thater 4125...
  15. SliceOfLife

    Wiborg on eBay as "Unobtainium" for 4x retail price.

    Ok, So I read that they aren't selling brushes anymore... but I seem to recall these guys didn't make their own knots... so couldn't you find a maker who uses the same knots even if Wiborg isn't selling any more? Surely their handles aren't worth $750 premium. Never used one myself and they do...
  16. SliceOfLife

    Fun mystery stone.

    Bought a mystery stone. Very strange little devil. Cut to 7” Thuri dimensions, scooped out bottom half filled in with plaster, extremely hard but not glassy (feels to the touch and under a razor like a soft slate, but laps like a very hard stone), white (coticule colored) slurry, very fine...
  17. SliceOfLife

    Book on coticules? on eBay?

    I think I can link it since it's BIN... but there's a pretty thick book on eBay that appears to be a history book on coticules (not sure though as I don't speak French?) But does anyone read French? Possibly live in the EU so shipping isn't so horrific? Wanna translate it? Looks like the book...
  18. SliceOfLife

    Three 5/8" shave ready hollow ground straight razors.

    So I'm trimming down my collection and these three are the ones that straddle that weird place of too good to pile in a big lot on eBay, but not good enough to keep. I don't high polish my razors when I restore them, so there's some oxidation and such on these. See pictures. All are honed to...
  19. SliceOfLife

    Crack in a bone brush handle... Best way to stabilize?

    I'd assume CA in the crack via syringe and high grit sanding to smooth after, but was curious if anyone had any experience or better ideas?
  20. SliceOfLife

    F Herder "NOS" straight razors

    So I noticed a bunch of nice, big Fred Herder "NOS" razors on eBay with new bone scales a couple weeks ago in the $90-150 range. I bought two. They arrive, and they're pretty nice blades. I do some googling and manage to track down the source to a knife store in Tennessee. They're selling the...