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  1. LoveTheSlant

    Did you ever want to list something on the BST . . .

    . . . only to be glad that you didn’t? Have to say I’ve been getting some great shaves with my ATT H1 and R2 plates. I had given up on my set because I considered these razors to give a harsh shave. But using them one last time before listing on the BST, these razors just shine. They...
  2. LoveTheSlant

    FT GC .68 and .84 Plates

    My GC .68 and .84 plates for either your GC OC plate or GC Jaws plate. The .68 was purchased in the first release and has a flat (not notched) underside. Plates were to mild for me and were used only a handful of times. Thanks for having a look!
  3. LoveTheSlant

    A Gem of an Epiphany

    Gem blades (even the coated ones) tend to be very harsh on their first few uses. A few weeks back @shave/brush suggested hand stropping 4 times on each side (seems these blades, not necessarily made for shaving, are not ground as finely as DE blades). Finally gave it a go on a brand new Gem...
  4. LoveTheSlant

    Blackbird or Dart?

    That is the question. Which is nobler in the minds of men that have used both?
  5. LoveTheSlant

    What’s Up With Maseto?

    Their inventory has dwindled on eBay and it doesn’t seem like a 30mm silvertip is available. Are they on their way out of business?
  6. LoveTheSlant

    Proraso Green

    For whatever reason, I’ve never tried any Proraso products. But spying my son’s medicine cabinet the other day after, out of nowhere, he nabbed my favorite boar brush, I noticed he bought some Vanderhaggen shave cream. Did a little checking, nope, not a loved product on B&B. So I thought...
  7. LoveTheSlant


    10 percent off sitewide through April 8.
  8. LoveTheSlant

    New SS Fendrihan Offering

    Bronze color PVD coated stainless steel razor. It’s an MK-II for those familiar with Fendrihan’s offerings.
  9. LoveTheSlant

    Gems are, well, a Gem!

    Don’t recall why I meandered into the SE sub forum a couple of weeks ago. But here I am, two Gem razors later. The search for the perfect razor in part motivates the RAD in me. This time, though, my RAD did good, providing not just a new razor, but a whole new shaving experience that so far is...
  10. LoveTheSlant

    Luxury Shave Need Not Be Expensive

    Great products make for a great shave, and some of my best performers are the least costly. This morning’s shave: Palmolive shave stick Yaqi synthetic brush Fatip Grande (purchased in last few weeks) Astra blade (fourth shave) Generic witch hazel RR XXX AS splash BBS, zero irritation and just...
  11. LoveTheSlant

    Fendrihan Full Stainless Razors

    25 percent off MKII razors at Fendrihan. SS razors for under US$30. Today only. Day 1: 10 Days of Sale
  12. LoveTheSlant

    WTS Vitos

    I would like to sell 140-150 gram samples of Vitos (Extra Super Coco) from the remainder of the 1000 ml block delivered in May 2017. Great shave soap, but after extended use I have found that I prefer Cella. Price per sample is $8.50 shipped, CONUS only.
  13. LoveTheSlant

    Soaps Suited to a Razor

    We all know that some blades are better suited for some razors (e.g., a Feather will work well in one razor but less so in another). Curious if anyone else finds the same thing with shave soaps, that some soaps work better with some razors than others.
  14. LoveTheSlant

    Oristo Razors

    On Massdrop for under $110. Seems like a great deal for anyone who wanted to try this razor but was put off by sticker shock. Oristo Razor
  15. LoveTheSlant

    In Need of Enablers

    Wunderbar? Just picked up ATT 7 piece, M1, R1 and H1. M1 favorite plate so far. Go for Wunderbar?
  16. LoveTheSlant

    Fendrihan's Truly Great Under(Un)rated Soap

    Some months ago I made a purchase from Fendrihan and they included a sample of their Sandlewood Lavender Soap. Being a tallow snob, I didn't pay much attention to the vegetable based sample but to mix things up this morning I tried it with great results. Fragrance: great, masculine (even if...
  17. LoveTheSlant

    WCS Stainless Steel Razors

    For anyone interested, looks like WCS is out with a new line of fully stainless steel razors. WCS + Charcoal Goods Safety Razor Collaboration
  18. LoveTheSlant

    Vitos vs. Cella (Tub)

    Cella is nice, but Vitos really knocks the ball out of the park, with the bases loaded. Admittedly this is a comparison to Cella in the tub, which may not be the same as the brick. But in comparison with Cella in the tub, Vitos' latherability (as opposed to the resulting lather) is IMHO far...
  19. LoveTheSlant

    Zamak- Should I care?

    Whether I had a plated brass or a plated zamak razor, the truth be told is that I would toss it and get a new one if the plating were to deteriorate, given that replating is an expensive proposition. This of course assumes no manufacturing defect, in which case the manufacturer should stand by...
  20. LoveTheSlant

    I don't like . . .

    Feathers, or Personna Reds. And for good measure, HATE Merkur blades (which nearly sent me back to cartridge razors). Love love love Atsras and Dorco's. Flack Jacket on! Let the rain begin.
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