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  1. mblakele

    What ever happened to Eclipse?

    We have all seen Eclipse red ring razors, right? Ever wondered why they ceased production? Today I was reading https://books.google.com/books?id=LVoK6-EkjRcC&pg=PA201 and found a clue: During World War II, the number of manufacturing concerns was further reduced by the concentration...
  2. mblakele

    The American Barbershop: "Next Gentleman"

    Google books has a preview available of this 15-page chapter on the barbershop, with a good bit about shaving in general. Compressing the history of shaving and barbershops into 15 pages necessarily involves some oversimplification, and unfortunately the preview omits all photos. Nevertheless I...
  3. mblakele

    test —does pasting an image work?

  4. mblakele

    1976 Good News: some cartridge history

    A 1976 article by Andrew Tobias in New York magazine discusses the introduction of the "Good News" disposable razor by Gillette. The author describes himself as a loyal Trac II customer. A followup letter from a reader adds some praise for Wilkinson and Schick products. Neither piece has much...
  5. mblakele

    Gillette history: Tony Levy

    Has this book been discussed before? Beyond the Soul: From the Streets of Alexandria to the Halls of Corporate America, 2010, by Gaston Levy: https://books.google.com/books?id=O7FXVD5rYSUC&pg=PA108. The author narrates his years with Gillette, beginning in 1958. I am still reading through...
  6. mblakele

    Army issue brushes ca. 1943

    Here is a slice of wartime shaving brush history from Popular Science, April 1943. I tripped over this while looking for something else, but immediately recognized the brush in the picture. These show up on ebay all the time, and now I know why: the USA Army ordered at least 2M of these, maybe...
  7. mblakele

    Rexona — Watch for the Triangular Stick

    Anyone seen one of these Rexona triangular shave sticks in the wild? The ad is from 1921. I gather the brand is still active as part of Unilever, but seems to be mostly deodorant these days. 
  8. mblakele

    Personal Comfort for the Recruit (Popular Mechanics 1917)

    Call this a Memorial Day post. The second page has a bit to say about choice of shaving tackle: safety razor vs straight, cream vs soap, etc. Remember, "no man makes a good appearance if he needs a shave". Oddly there seems to be nothing about shaving brushes, but quite a bit about toothbrushes...
  9. mblakele

    "Shaving Harness" Carries Brush, Mug, and Mirror

    I ran across this in a 1916 Popular Science article. The original patent for this body-supported mirror has some more drawings: https://www.google.com/patents/US1179063. The patent expired a long time ago, of course, so anyone could make these now. The perfect gift for a shaver who has...
  10. mblakele

    Early P74 blades?

    Elsewhere on the internet I happened to notice that these two P74 blade packages look mechanically identical, but have much different labels. The one on the bottom looks earlier to me: less legalize and the graphic design is different. The patents might have the best clues for placing it...
  11. mblakele

    Manufacture of Safety Razors and Blades (1938)

    Now we visit the Gillette factory in England on the cusp of WWII, courtesy of Machinery and Production Engineering (London), vol. 53 no. 1357 (1938, p33-38). Since 1927 production has moved from Slough to Isleworth. This happened very recently, ca. 1937. The razors produced are no longer the New...
  12. mblakele

    Manufacture of Safety Razors (1927)

    This is something of a prequel to Finishing of Gillette Razors and Razor Blades (1956) that I posted on Friday. This time I have a pair of articles from Machinery and Production Engineering, vol. 31, no. 97 (1927, p76-80, p97-100). These originally appeared one week apart in late October 1927...
  13. mblakele

    Finishing of Gillette Razors and Razor Blades (1956)

    Gents, I had an opportunity to transcribe this article from Industrial Finishing (London), 1956, vol. 9, part 2, p27, 29-30. It sheds some light on how things were done by Gillette UK ca. 1956. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Finishing of Gillette Razors and Razor Blades Plating...
  14. mblakele

    Witch hazel in Japan?

    Thanks to any ladies and gents in Japan who read this post, and to anyone with experience in Japan. First question: is it true that witch hazel is difficult to find in Japan? I may find myself in Japan before too long, and I can only bring so much of the stuff with me. Google searches led me...
  15. mblakele

    SOC logo modification

    The SOC is a great brush, but I always thought the logo looked a little too plain. So I took an oil pastel crayon to it.  I like the look, and it has survived one lathering without incident. If I ever change my mind, I think I could scrape out the pigment.
  16. mblakele

    Shaving without the use of Razor, Soap, or Water

    This is from The New Family Receipt Book: Containing Seven Hundred Truly Valuable Receipts in Various Branches of Domestic Economy, published 1810. I think the pumice is the key ingredient, and the end result might not be much more comfortable than scrubbing with a block of pumice. Any...
  17. mblakele

    BBC wildlife Documentary - The BADGERS Secrets of the Sett

    I think this aired in 2008. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I just saw it and noticed a few things of potential interest. Of course we all know that most badger brush knots come from China, and that British badgers are not used for brushmaking. But it is still interesting to see...
  18. mblakele

    Sleeper double ring?

    Did someone here win this auction yesterday? I noticed what looked like a double ring, second from the right. From the bid history I guess a few other people spotted it too. If someone here has it, please let us know how it cleans up.
  19. mblakele

    How is your local antique circuit?

    This afternoon I took an hour or so to do the rounds of my local antique stores, and thought I would report in. Then I thought... maybe other gents could add their own reports, as an ongoing thing. Save the big scores for the score threads. Avoid giving out certain details: no appraisals per...
  20. mblakele

    Mühle R41 – 2011 or 2013?

    How many folks care about the different versions?
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