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  1. allenavery

    Kiehl's Aftershave

    My wife bought me Kiehl's Ultimate Men's After Shave Balm & Moisturizer for Christmas. It's more of a lotion, I'd say, and boy, does it feel great! It keeps my face smooth and moistened (hey, just like the bottle says!), even during the winter, when I tend to get a dry, flaky chin and neck...
  2. allenavery

    Finally: Grandpa's Brush!

    For a few years, I've been using one of those cheap Van Der Hagen brushes. It gave a decent lather, but I found it to be a bit floppy, and it shed at least a dozen hairs each time I shaved, enough that I had to to use a little Drano from time to time to keep the sink draining properly. I was...
  3. allenavery

    Schick Injector: proper blade position

    Hi, all: My first post. I've caught the bug pretty bad, and already have four gillette DE's, a late 40's superspeed, "NEW" open comb, a Tech and Fat Boy. These seemed to be a fairly good representation of the Gillette camp, so I decided to branch out into Schick Injector territory. I won an...