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Search results

  1. BVsaPike

    FT Declaration Grooming B6 Churn & B9a Unicorn Bone

    I'm looking to trade these two Declaration Grooming brushes: B6 Churn & B9a Unicorn Bone. I'm open to lots of stuff, but things I'd especially like to trade for: any Declaration batches, Vastness, Ebonite, Blunicorn, John Rednicorn, Theodore, Franklin, or whatever...if you have something that...
  2. BVsaPike

    How do you use your shaving mug?

    I fill it with Stirling coffee and drink it while I'm having a shave.
  3. BVsaPike

    Zingari Brush Cleaner

    thankfully our laundry room is on the 2nd floor right outside of our bathroom, keep some dawn and vinegar in there for clothes
  4. BVsaPike

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Declaration Grooming B4 Cane Jefferson 28mm
  5. BVsaPike

    Your Regrettable Purchases?

    Rockwell Model T, after waiting close to two years I finally got it and it was a beast, and not in a good way. The head geometry was HUGE, which I should have expected from the original 6s razor and it didn't give me a decent shave. I ended up selling it for $90 and swearing that I'd never back...
  6. BVsaPike


    No pressure doesn't literally mean zero pressure. It means not pushing the blade into your face. You want to keep the razor in contact with your skin without forcing it into your skin.
  7. BVsaPike

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" April 12th - April 18th, 2021

    Prep: Shower Brush: Declaration Grooming B4 Cane Jefferson Razor: Blackland Sabre L2 Blade: GEM PTFE (1) Lather: Abbate y La Mantia - Monet - Soap Post Shave: Declaration Grooming - Unscented - Liniment Post Shave: Noble Otter - Lonestar - Aftershave Fragrance: Perfume de Marley - Layton Still...
  8. BVsaPike

    Where can I get samples?

    https://www.fragrancenet.com/cologne If you subscribe to their service you can get all sorts of decants, one per month.
  9. BVsaPike

    Is alcohol really bad in shave products?

    This is one of those YMMV situations, is it good for your skin? No. Will it hurt your skin? Possibly, but probably not. Some people swear by it and others swear it off, you do you.
  10. BVsaPike

    Coldest menthol aftershave?

    Coldest I've ever used was B&M Arctique, Will has said that it literally killed flies in his shop while producing it. But it's out of production and not coming back since he hated making it. Short of that CFG Cryogen is cold, but you can always buy frost drops from Stirling and add them to any...
  11. BVsaPike

    Maybe I missed something: B&M Aftershaves: what happened to them?

    Yes, due to COVID he had difficulty sourcing alcohol for splashes and so he started producing balms, splashes will be back within the next month for some items and later this year for others.
  12. BVsaPike

    need some help with zingari man

    I've never bowl lathered her sego base but it is indeed a thirsty base. I typically bowl lather and haven't had any issues with getting a super thick and creamy lather. I would probably start by slowly adding water and working it in gently, I've found that some soaps tend to foam instead of...
  13. BVsaPike

    Opinions on these brush makers - any real difference?

    resale value is usually better with hand tied knots which are above the price you've listed. the Best resale I've seen on brushes is Dogwood Handcrafts, his brushes are amazing quality and his acrylic pours are beautiful (and in your price range). He stocks a wide variety of knots including...
  14. BVsaPike

    van der hagen?

    what's that old saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..." I can say this about VDH, it's available at my local Target and they are inexpensive. But I would argue that for the price there is much better quality gear to be found for now much effort.
  15. BVsaPike

    Abandoning the 3 pass shave

    i don't have any issues with a three pass shave but I find that my results aren't really any better than two passes. WTG & XTG with the exception of my neck I do WTG & ATG. Nothing wrong with whatever works for you.
  16. BVsaPike

    World’s Mildest (New) Razor?

    the tolerances were off, so it was literally unable to cut hair. afik he refunded everyone's purchase
  17. BVsaPike

    World’s Mildest (New) Razor?

    Probably the Asylum 17-4 since it literally couldn't cut hair lol
  18. BVsaPike

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    AYLM - Monet, working on killing this soap. Fantastic scent for spring! 8/10
  19. BVsaPike

    Opinions on Noble Otter

    Base is elite level and scents are fantastic, they also make my favorite aftershave. my favorite scents: Rawr, Hamami, Lonestar, Two Kings, Orbit, Northern Elixer.
  20. BVsaPike

    Do you have backups?

    I don't have any backup hardware, but I've got a few backup soaps of things that aren't in production such as Gravefruit, Santal Noir, and Bandwagon soap and liniment. But if I can buy it again no point in keeping a backup.
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