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  1. Sargon

    Shavetools New Products for Fall 2016.

    Shavetools.com is pleased to announce our newest category of products, Single Edge Shaving. Whether you want a brand new single edege Above The Tie SE1 razor, injector blades for your favorite Schick adjhustible, Feather Professional blades, or Pella blades for your beloved 100 year old...
  2. Sargon

    Mr. Bingle Presents: The Second Annual Reindeer & Sleigh Holiday Gift Exchange!

    I've gone ahead and added pictures of a couple of the cooler surprises from my Bingle Buddy. First and foremost the Wilkenson Sword branded pruning shears were both really nice looking shears, and extra fun, since Wilkenson sword is better known for its razor blades here in the US. I also...
  3. Sargon

    Mr. Bingle Presents: The Second Annual Reindeer & Sleigh Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Sorry to be late, I'm still recovering from the mix of the holidays, the water in my basement from the Missouri floods, my January 1st inventory counting, and a nasty cold, my Bingle buddy was super generous, and getting all the gifts really was fun. I got an inepensive flashlight Id' asked...
  4. Sargon

    Shavetools.com 2015 Cyber Monday Sale.

    Shavetools.com is pleased to announce our fourth annual Cyber Monday sale. Starting now through at least 11:59pm Eastern time Monday November 29th, we will be having a massive sale with nearly 100 items that are deeply discounted. Some highlights include: -Open Box deals: Muhle R41, R89, R106...
  5. Sargon

    Shavetools.com now carries Ikon B1 Slant Razors!

    Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we now carry the Ikon B1 Slant razor. Ikon's slant razor is probably the best of their selection of excellent razors, and we have it both with an OSS handle, or in head only format, for those of you who already have a 3 piece handle that you like...
  6. Sargon

    We now carry Ikon Tech and Short comb in Head only format.

    Shavetools.com is pleased to announce that we now offer the new Ikon Shavecraft Short Comb and Tech razors sold in head only format, for those who already have a handle they like, but still want one of these excellent razor heads. Naturally, if you prefer to purchase either of these fine razors...
  7. Sargon

    We've Added Six Great Products from England and Germany

    Shavetools.com is pleased to have several great new products from TOBS, Muhle, Tabac, and Cyril Salter. From TOBS, we have more sandalwood with both their Sandalwood After Shave, and Sandalwood Shaving Soap in Bowl, as well as their very nice Beard and Moustache Comb. From Tabac we now...
  8. Sargon

    Shavetools.com has new Products from Spain (and one from Italy)

    At Shavetools.com we're longtime fans of Spanish shaving products, which is why we're pelased to have added LEA Classic products to our selection. To be exact, we now carry their LEA Classic Shaving Cream, Lea Classic Shaving Soap, and Lea Classic After Shave Lotion. We also have added the...
  9. Sargon

    Win a free Shavetools STSS Razor from Shavetools.com.

    dangerousdon is the lucky winner. hopefully he can do a post in a week or two with how he enjoyed it.
  10. Sargon

    We Now Carry Several Great New Vie-Long Brushes

    At Shavetools.com We're pleased to announce that we now offer several great new brushes from Vie-Long. We have a very limited number of the Vie-Long 75th Anniversary Edition Brushes available. Additionally, we now carry the Vie-Long Professional Barber (also called the Vie-Long American) in...
  11. Sargon

    Win a free Shavetools STSS Razor from Shavetools.com.

    It has been a while time since the last Shavetools.com contest, so we're holding another! To enter just make a short reply post telling every one what first made you decide to try traditional wet shaving, or if you're the strong silent type, you can just reply with "I'm in." Also, if you...
  12. Sargon

    New Models of Ikon Shavecraft Razors Available

    They're Aluminum headed, and the tech head is more aggressive than the 101 ( which is their original model). I tend to prefer their open comb and slant offerings, generally, since they seem to be relatively mild, yet also give a close shave, so if the tech head is too agressive for you Johno...
  13. Sargon

    New Models of Ikon Shavecraft Razors Available

    We're pleased to announce that we've not only restocked our Ikon Shavecraft 101 razors but have expanded our selection of Shavecraft Razors to include their exciting new Tech Head and Short Comb models. Ikon ShaveCraft Short Comb Ikon ShaveCraft 101 Ikon ShaveCraft Tech Head
  14. Sargon

    Shavetools Father's Day 2015 Sale!

    At Shavetools.com we're making Father's Day shopping a little easier for you this year with our Father's Day Sale. Not only are we offering free domestic shipping on all orders over $50.00, but we have over sixty items on sale from razors to blades, to brushes, to beard care items, and more...
  15. Sargon

    The Shavetools STSS Razors with Stainless Steel Handles is Here!

    Shavetools.com is pleased to offer our new "STSS" razors, which combine an aggressive traditionally constructed chrome plated cast metal head with an attractive stainless steel handle, all at an introductory price of less than $40.00 If you already have a head you like and are looking for a...
  16. Sargon

    Local Pickup By Appointment Is Now Available!

    We're very pleased to offer local pickup as a new way for you to get the shave tools you want and need. We hope to have our regular pickup hours, payment options, settings, etc ready soon, but until then you can still avail yourself of our new service. Just use the coupon code LP2015 on...
  17. Sargon

    Shavetools.com will have local pickup!

    We're very pleased to announce that we've been approved by the city for local pickup and will be adding it very soon, so if you're in the St Louis metro area, and want to pick your order up in person, you'll be able to do it very soon!
  18. Sargon

    Shavetools.com now Carries the Full Above The Tie Razor and Razor Set Line

    Shavetools.com is pleased to now carry the full line of made in the USA Stainless Steel Above The Tie razors and razor sets in Atlas, Kronos, and Colossus handle varieties. Atlas M2 Open Comb Razor Kronos Open Comb 5-Piece Set Colossus S2 Open Comb Slant Razor
  19. Sargon

    New Ikon Razors in Stock

    At Shavetools.com we now have the new teflon coated Ikon razors in both open comb and standard head design. They look very similar to the earlier DLC coated Ikon razors, but without some of the plating issues that the DLC coated razors had. Standard Head Open Comb
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