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  1. L

    Escher/Thuringian love. show of your rocks

    @PaulMallorca “I've seen a few of this small stones over the years. People call them coticules, lately PSDO.” Those sure have a lot of signs of being PDSO and I don’t think they look anything like thuringian stones to me. I think you are putting too much stock in your magnifications photos...
  2. L

    Spring Cleaning PIF

    I’m in. Thank you
  3. L

    Aftershave PIF, Compliments from Declaration Grooming

    I’m in - thanks
  4. L

    To Rinse or Not To Rinse?

    I rinse and then wipe down and keep going. Takes no time. Does take care of course. No problems
  5. L

    Knot removal - Epoxy Big Bruce handle

    What did you use to attach the knot?
  6. L

    Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

    Yep - I think they are right (as usual!!)
  7. L

    Pre-shave Stropping - Always Leather & Linen or Not?

    Leather is a must. Linen is an extra. My opinion.
  8. L

    Mystery hones... Let's see what you have

    No, not a Tam O Shanter I don’t think. I’m not the best at guessing from pics but looks more like silk stone or one of the many slates. Good luck
  9. L


    That’s cool. Kind of looks similar to Turkey stone.
  10. L

    Need info on a razor "Rough Rider"

    Is this smokey mt knife folks? They are RSO - razor shaped objects that are really just a pocket knife made to look like a razor. Not for shaving
  11. L

    Bent Blade

    I’m not truly recommending it :) And I certainly wouldn’t go dishing any hones intentionally. If you buy any old hones you will be certain to come across enough antique dished hones as it is. I will admit to successfully honing a couple of fat wedges on an awesome coti - it has a nasty dish to...
  12. L

    Show me those beautiful scales!

    Many fine scales guys.
  13. L

    Bent Blade

    You just need a good dished hone is all :-) All that ultra flat and an old wedge just don’t jive :-p
  14. L

    Is this blade worth paying to get some scales?

    If you want to shave with it and use them you probably want scales. If you are asking is it some rare valuable razor due to maker and or the remaining masonic etching then probably not. Looks like a beater razor to me and can’t tell if it is still honable/usable in the pics.
  15. L

    Black Badger | Why Not? | There's Precious Little Info On Them

    I have bought several black badger knots and scratchy due to clipping was what I got. Not scritch but scratch. Not all was lost as it was great opportunity to try bleaching and tip modifications which was pretty good actually. Strong back, cheap price and decent tips and feel if done right. But...
  16. L

    New handles from LJS

    I think that one was from an Apple branch. Keyhole with the knot hole :-) Just seemed to work or I would have drilled and filled it. Shave forge or TGN seemed to have some boar selection from time to time. Last fall I ordered a variety from oumo but they mostly only vary in length and shape...
  17. L

    La Lune Special Stone...Anybody got one?

    Interesting 🤨
  18. L

    Pin Not Mushrooming

    It could just be that it was a little long. File down just a bit and start again. Also,#1 is did it mushroom enough to hold the washer? If yes then you pinned it. Looks like it. The rest is about aesthetics. And again, just looks like your rod may have been a tad long......that and/or you need...
  19. L

    Strop Hanging Height

    There are too many individual preferences for this. You should hang it how you prefer (not trying to sound funny). Longer strops, shorter strops, hardware or hangers - there are other factors that all make this a personal choice.
  20. L

    Marble Tile For Touchups?

    Marble is a pretty soft and inconsistent stone. Hopefully yours won’t be too gritty or release too much. Marble is easy to carve.
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