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  1. D

    I was looking for a starter straight with translucent scales. Do you think this would be a...

    I was looking for a starter straight with translucent scales. Do you think this would be a good starter blade?
  2. D

    Choices choices choices

    Help. Merkur Slant. HD or Barber Pole ? Thanks for your advice...
  3. D

    Slant or Straight

    I have been using a double edged razor for about a year now and really like the results. I was just wondering what the next step is... Straight or slant razor. Thanks.
  4. D

    Saint Charles Shave Group Buy - Final w/ Ordering Instructions

    This morning had a very nice shave. Still a newb. Lovely Coconut Oil Cream shave. Mediteranian Aftershave. The sample X4 on my wrists. The EDT on neck and chest. My son is spraying Dagger EDT laughing saying all the girls will be following him today around school. (9 years old) lol...
  5. D

    SCS " New Spice " for Canada?

    Don't know if this helps... I will be going to Toronto in May. I believe your Victoria weekend. The weekend before our Memorial Day. I can always bring it with me. I will be in Guelph University south of Toronto. Just a thought...
  6. D

    Heads Up - Saint Charles Shave Group Buy Info

    How do we get in on this?
  7. D

    In a real bad place right now

    Have not posted very often but your post moved me. I went through a divorce about 3 years ago. I can tell you this. No matter what drama occurs it will pass. Right now it seems to be the worst consuming thing in your life. But again it will pass. Don't hang in the bar. Find...
  8. D

    Vintage Gillette Defects

    lol Thanks for the info. Now how about teeth. I see some sell with bent teeth. The would effect the shave would it not?
  9. D

    Vintage Gillette Defects

    How serious is a split in the handle of the razor. This should effect value but in terms of the funtion ? I am looking at some silver Richwoods and some have mentioned a small crack. Just some thoughts. Thank you.
  10. D

    Third Shave Day

    Just finished my third Shave day... Staying with the same cream. Proraso My Velux brush. Merkur 38C with Derby blades... I applied conditioner in the shower then shaved afterward. I shaved 3 times... On every pass I am still finding areas that I have whiskers. Missing? How...
  11. D

    First Shave

    Actually.. Come to think of it. It was the blade in the box from my Merkur 38c. Was I supposed to throw that away? lol
  12. D

    First Shave

    The blade was a Merkur. Not sure what the model was. I will check tonight. I also got 2 packs of Derby's.
  13. D

    First Shave

    Just want to start with... I received a combo package from Lee's. Merkur 38c Vulfix 660 I used Proraso from Bath and Bodyworks... I took my time. I was really nervous. But I had my best shave of my life. WOW. Couple of spots I missed and I am still trying to learn the whole...
  14. D

    technique for removing soap from mug ??

    Old Restaraunt trick.. Place in cold water or freeze. Pops right out....
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