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Search results

  1. WetShavingRules

    Tobin’s Throwbacks

    Hey all! Anyone else ever order from Tobin’s Throwbacks on eBay? IMPECCABLE service. Ordered a 30 sampler of various brands, and they sent me all “Lord” by mistake. When I messaged them, they sent a the original order immediately, no questions asked, refused extra payment. Will DEFINITELY order...
  2. WetShavingRules

    Teleworking: Post your office-away-from-office pics!

    Musician here, I’ll start.
  3. WetShavingRules

    Coolness Factor

    I think the skincare benefits of wet/ DE shaving speak for themselves. However, what about the aesthetics? 🙃
  4. WetShavingRules

    Does Fine Soap Ever Run Out

    Been using mine for weeks; seems all that’s happen is Mr. Fine’s face is gone. Still seem to have all the soap? Is this soap the bargain of the century or what?
  5. WetShavingRules

    Davidoff Cool Water AS

    Was very happy to discover that my favorite “80s magazine scent” cologne comes in AS form. Alcohol smell hits your nose first upon application, very slight burn, then 1-2 seconds later it’s full-on Cool Water. Works as good as it smells (silage: 5.5 hours and going), 10/10 would recommend. Oh...
  6. WetShavingRules

    Road trip is now air trip! Help!

    So......... have a business trip this week, which was going to be by automobile. Now, it is going to be by airplane, as of this morning. How does one participate in our hobby when sprouting wings? Can one have a handle in carry-on? How/ where does one purchase blades when landing? Any and...
  7. WetShavingRules

    Bar Soap vs. Body Wash: Battle of Economics

    The price of Old Spice Body Wash keeps on climbing. Is it even worth the cost to keep using? Their scent offerings have become so prolific, that it’s impossible to match an anti-perspirant to a soap. Good luck finding Foxcrest or anything else remotely good smelling either. And their deodorant...
  8. WetShavingRules

    Heating your razor while in the shower—game changer?

    I’ve been half-filling my shaving-mug with water and then nuking it for 2-3 minutes while making coffee. Then I let my Merkur 34c sit in it while I take a hot shower. Soap seems to lather significantly quicker (Siliski Santa’s Pipe), and the shave is immaculate with a hot blade. Anyone else...
  9. WetShavingRules

    Bath and Body Works aftershaves

    So, one pastime my wife and I both relish, is fragrance-hunting. BBW had a huge sale today and I was thrilled to discover that they are in the balm-making business. They are still carrying Bigelow (ahem....Proraso) green cream, but that’s it. All their balms are now made by them. Anyone else...
  10. WetShavingRules

    Warmer scents for colder months?

    Just received a bottle of Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods. Great scent, but not as warm and tobacco-y as I’d hoped. What’s a good scent which speaks “fall” or “winter,” like warm coffee on a cold morning, with flannel pajamas and a purring cat in your lap, gazing out the window at piles of red...
  11. WetShavingRules

    Mr. Fine soaps

    Anyone have experience with Mr. Fine soaps? How do they measure up to Proraso?
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