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  1. 55dougie

    3 new dougie brushes I have made lately:

    D7 Black over Smoke with Beehive rings D7 Root-beer dark over light with Hornet rings D55 Root-beer over Aqua my thanks for looking...
  2. 55dougie

    the "dougie chubbie"

    I made this one last night, nothing on the tube sooooo... Hope you like it.... the "dougie chubbie" Wet Shaving Products Best badger knot, 25/47mm loft, handle 47mm.
  3. 55dougie

    dougie brush turning "day and knight" brush

    I made this brush yesterday... ready for sanding... and polished before parting off, reversing and finishing the bottom... the knot glued in... the finished piece... to be used "day or knight"... my thanks for looking in, dougie...
  4. 55dougie

    dougie "old school" brush

    I made this "old school" brush today: faux ivory over white oak 24mm TGN badger in finest fan 49mm loft handle 55mm tall
  5. 55dougie

    I've been busy at the lathe. again.

    the "Rook", TGN Boar.... and I churned a little "Butter" today, TGN Finest Fan .... the "Honey Badger"....
  6. 55dougie

    just in time for "Halloween"

    I made this brush this morning and it was named by my son the: "Kandy Korn" Halloween brush... I kind-a like that..... Anyway it's made up of left over resin from other pours and I thought I'd turn it on the lathe just for fun.....
  7. 55dougie

    #2 dougie brush

    Turned this handle this morning... she came out nice... brush is a TGN Finest set @ 24/55mm, handle is 45mm tall... thanks for looking, Doug.
  8. 55dougie

    dougie brush

    Hi folks - I knocked this handle out on the lathe and added a Omega boar knot...... thanks for checking it out..... doug.
  9. 55dougie

    Lucky - Plisson goodness

    Well, well, well every squirrel finds a nut now and then... Found this beauty on the bay for cheap!... I'm sorry to brag but nobody else in this house cares so I turn to you guys to share this with. I'm so happy can you tell? But now I'm almost afraid to use it! Almost... It is engraved...
  10. 55dougie

    Vintage Horn Brush 1900 - restore SBS

    Folks, what I would like to do is take you on a short step-by-step to restore a Vintage Horn shaving brush from 1900. I bought the brush on *bay for $37.50 shipped from France.... I took a bit of a chance as the photo wasn’t great and I don’t know french.... so I rolled the dice...
  11. 55dougie

    A couple of restores to share

    Here are two restores that I did recently both fitted with TGN knots. Opal butterscotch with 18mm Finest Badger pre-bloom post-bloom Ever Ready with 20mm UK boar pre-bloom post-bloom
  12. 55dougie

    new B going back to DE wet shaving

    Hi guys..... you've got one great site here..... About a month ago I got back to DE wet shaving after having started with it back in 1970 and shaving that way till 1985 or so then I went to disposables.... Well, with the cost of disposables, plastic waste and skin irritations due to...
  13. 55dougie

    Dirty Bird - Bill Bowl - modified

    Hi folks, I had to post a word or two about my new bowl. It's a Bill Bowl from "Dirty Bird Potery". I asked Julie if she could modify my bowl and just make the side walls 2 inches high instead of 3.5. She said no problem, charged me the same amount and had this to me in no time at all...
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