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  1. D

    Dr. Martens 1460

    There was quite a thread before on this. IMHO I would avoid the Asian Docs, I have many "made in England" docs that are still going strong 15+ years later. My Chinese ones didn't last much over a few years. Check the British boot shop http://www.britboot.co.uk/engine/shop/index.html and look at...
  2. D

    Favourite blade fail?

    Thanks all for the input. I think ill put them aside for a bit and come back. Could be me but do not think so, but go to my other faves and try again latter..
  3. D

    Favourite blade fail?

    So I still consider myself new to the game, so maybe someone with much more experience can help explain this. I ordered up more of my go to blade (Bolzano) and the shaves I received from them are far from what I expected. They seem almost dull, they feel tuggy like they are not cutting, just...
  4. D

    Bolzano Superinox

    Addition to my earlier post. Probably a bum blade, swapped it out and back to the fantastic shaves I got previously from Bolzano.
  5. D

    Bolzano Superinox

    I love these blades, but my first blade in a new package seemed a bit tuggy. As with you great final outcome but a little confused.. My last 4 packs were so smooth and sharp from square one. I'll have to see how the rest pan out. Bad run? (If that happens)
  6. D

    Something Better than a Wallet

    I use a Bellroy slim sleeve. Best wallet I've ever had, great warranty. Always in my back pocket. With the loyalty cards I take a pic of the bar code, works fine. http://bellroy.com/wallets/slim-sleeve-wallet?gclid=CLmZxtPZ2ccCFUdufgoddMkLHQ
  7. D

    Thinking about giving it up

    Always had a neck irritation problem, that is one reason I tried de shaving. Best soap I've found is after much experimenting is Mudder Focker, the slickness is incredible and you you can feel it long after the shave. Aftershave Wax seemed to help too. (Far less harsh and easier on the skin...
  8. D

    Dr. Martens 1461: Vintage vs For Life

    I have quite a few pairs (made in England) and they hold up surprisingly well. Definitely well worn in but I still wear them with a suit. 2pr over 10yr. now and they still hold up. (Ymmv, I clean and polish all my shoes often.) Chinese ones lasted me 2 years max. another option is Fluevog...
  9. D

    Dr. Martens 1461: Vintage vs For Life

    My little input on the subject. I've been wearing Doc's for the past 25-30 yrs. still have a pair of 1460 and 1461 that are probably close to that age. When they moved the factory the quality went to crap. Bought two pair that were made offshore, soles were horrible as well as the leather...
  10. D

    To All Canadians: Where Do You Purchase Your Shaving Supplies?

    Italian Barber. I Always try to support a fellow Canadian. Plus he has always been there for good honest advice, and to me there is nothing better than his Mudder Focker soap!
  11. D

    Playing around with my new microscope. My Boker straight razor

    Very cool! (I'd like to see a Bolzano blade, always get the best smoothest shaves from them) don
  12. D

    Rolex Steve McQueen Problem

    As everyone has asked was it a certified Rolex service? Was the watch running when you received it back? Have you tried to wind it by using the rotor? (Hold it in your hand and swirl it around) if no I would be contacting the service location, or contact a rolex service centre.
  13. D

    I have ordered a Vostok

    Myself also. The only quartz I have now is a Tissot Nicky Hayden. I love the feel of a mechanical movement, both automatic and hand wind. (And I know if I wind it it will ALWAYS tell time)
  14. D

    Who makes good polarized sunglasses?

    Maui Jim for sure. I used to wear Ray Ban all the time until Luxottica bought them from B&L, now I find their quality and customer service is crap.
  15. D

    OUCH! Who loads a blade like this?

    i agree. We train at times with what we call "live" blades, if you don't pull or slide, it will not cut. (Cleavers exempted, that's chopping) still not the brightest thing to do though...
  16. D

    Razorock Prices (Third Party Vendors)

    I find the quality to the price outstanding. (Not to mention two for one on the tobacco, deals of the day, etc) Joseph always seems quite fair in his pricing. Shipping costs are what they are, buy $60 and it's free, or pay freight.
  17. D

    What would be a fail proof setup for a new wetshaver? Ideas for father's day gift.

    I started with this, great kit! Everything you need..
  18. D

    Why did everyone get into wet shaving?

    Cost. My dad was all about the electric but burned my neck. Tired of spending $30 on 4 cartridges, I was searching these dollar blade shops and stumbled on DE shaving. A ton of research later I discovered Italian Barber, bought a few products with Joseph's recommendations and learned you can...
  19. D

    As a newbie, what should be my next soap?

    Razorock XXX, or my recent favourite Mudder Focker.
  20. D

    a question of taste?

    Exactly what Marco said. I was having issues with too dry a lather and not very slick, followed Marcos method (slightly modded for face lathering) and tons of very slippery lather! I suggest you read his wiki as he has some great tips!
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