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  1. WindyShaver

    Lather like yogurt or more like mayonnaise?

    I was watching one of lather videos that showed Mystic Waters being lathered to this wonderfully thick consistency. I was trying to figure out what actually needed to happen to take a shaving brush loaded with a fatty, soapy and wet substance and convert it to something that is much thicker just...
  2. WindyShaver

    Anyone know the next round of Razorock artisan soaps?

    It started with Razorock's Napoleon's Violet artisan soap and I'm now waiting on Caprician Lemon. I'm hooked on this soap. And I've noticed it's starting to sell out at certain locations including Italian Barber which from my limited understanding may be the mind behind this product. Anyone...
  3. WindyShaver

    Sensitive skin shavers - what soaps/creams/croaps give you the best shave?

    I am a sensitive skin shaver. My repertoire includes a glycerine face washing process in the shower, cold rinsing, and shave oil before I even get started. I also cold water shave. I've found that Tabac soap, Razorock Napoleon's violet soap, Cella soap (all three lathered in a bowl) and...
  4. WindyShaver

    So I tried Arko shave stick last evening.

    And I really like this soap. I had a great shave even with a less than ideal face lather technique which I will need to work on. I picked up a couple sticks as part of a larger order. Have to say I was excited to test all of the hype. A freshly opened and sniffed Arko bar does indeed smell...
  5. WindyShaver

    For boars and badgers how much do you like to soak? And if you only soak part, how?

    To soak my badger brush I toss it into my larger cup and it tends to fall sideways and then the brush sinks a bit as it takes on some water. Read a comment that it's best to avoid soaking the handle to extend the life of the brush. Read that someone noted it's best to only soak part of a boar...
  6. WindyShaver

    Recommendations on a stronger fresh violet smelling slick soap?

    I'm moving from creams to soaps due to my love of Tabac and the overall process of creating lather. I'm waiting on a SOC boar brush and want to have a couple soaps waiting for it's arrival. Cella has arrived and I'm looking for one more. I'm looking for a strong, fresh smelling violet soap...
  7. WindyShaver

    Which items would allow the fastest way into DE shaving?

    While for some of us, the journey of discovery is part of the adventure. For others, they're just looking for a better alternative to cartridge shaving. If you could create a kit to get folks quickly up to speed based on what you have learned, then what would be in that kit? I've brought in...
  8. WindyShaver

    Can closer and more frequent DE shaves change the softness of your skin?

    This one is for those who have been shaving for a while. Read in a couple random threads around the interblog over the last couple of months that super close DE shaves with sharp blades can lead to leather skin. These were random comments possibly by DE shaving trolls. Possibly you're taking...
  9. WindyShaver

    How important is having a container top for your shave soap or grated shave stick?

    Had a great shave last evening after I grated and pressed a Tabac shave stick into an an Old Spice shave mug. It was my first time and I used a Pyrex bowl grater with the larger and smaller grates and it worked perfectly. Was particularly surprised as the shave stick shaving process initially...
  10. WindyShaver

    Is there a difference in lather - tube or jar/bowl for creams like TOBS or T&H?

    Picked up TOBS in a tube weeks back and really like the smell of it. I then tried Trumpers Coconut in a jar and it's luscious. Is there much difference lather makeup wise between the tube and jar for same scents for TOBS or Trufitt & Hill? Do the creams in the jar offer thicker/slicker lathers?
  11. WindyShaver

    QCS Mysore Sandalwood - what's the best way to lather this luscious dense cream?

    This is my first tallow based cream and it indeed is denser than the other creams I've used. I wanted to find out how folks are creating nice lather with this since it is indeed denser. Smells wonderful! Thanks in advance.
  12. WindyShaver

    What shaving cream/hard soap combo created a more luscious or better smelling lather?

    I like loading my brush from soap and then using it as a base with some shaving cream from a tube to get a different feel or scent. The glycerine soap/shaving cream combo was recommended here on the site somewhere. For example i've used whole foods vitamin e/aloe glycerine soap with Speick to...
  13. WindyShaver

    What are your shaving tricks like swallowing to flatten adams apple?

    I just read on reddit.com a man-trick of swallowing to not cut yourself and flatten your adams apple while shaving. Brilliant! It then made me wonder what other shaving tricks are out there? Aside from the essential bread and butter advice (that I'm still adopting) such as "map your neck...
  14. WindyShaver

    WindyShaver's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Mike What are your nicknames/aliases? Captain Where do you live? Chicago What is your age (or) generation? Pepsi generation What are you in the real world? Founder of a nonprofit that helps kids in hospitals What is your favorite shave setup...
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