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  1. jcs266

    Family Dollar Spice

    I’ve been using the Family Dollar Spice by ViJon for about 3 years. It’s pretty close to the Old Spice I remember in the 60’s n 70’s. I decant the Family Dollar stuff into a vintage 1970’s Old Spice bottle and use it that way.
  2. jcs266

    AS or ASB? What's your preference?

    I’ve always just used a generous splash of one of the drug store classics - Skin Bracer or Aqua Velva usually.
  3. jcs266

    Aftershaves: Drugstore or Artisan?

    I stick with the old drugstore classics... Skin Bracer, Old Spice, Aqua Velva, Bay Rum, etc To me they’re just fine and are cheap and widely available.
  4. jcs266

    One Pass Shavers

    One (WTG) pass here. Sometimes I'll lather my neck and jawline for a second (ATG) pass, but most of the time it's a single pass with the H1. A CCS is just fine. Zero irritation and I'm ready to take on the day.
  5. jcs266

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    The same AS that I’ve been using daily for the past 3 months now... Skin Bracer :302:
  6. jcs266

    Why AS?

    I love the smell and it just feels refreshing. A generous splash of AS “completes” the entire experience for me.
  7. jcs266

    MÜHLE R41 - Truely Amazing!

    I pair my 2013 R41 with an ATT Atlas handle. I like the added heft better. The R41 gives a very close shave indeed!
  8. jcs266

    Wetshaving makes me miss Dad.

    What a great thread. I remember in the 60's as a little kid watching my Dad shave at the bathroom sink every morning with his Super Speed and can of Barbasol. I think he used Aqua Velva and Old Spice. He'd shave and swish the razor in the water in sink bowl. He'd sometimes take the blade out...
  9. jcs266

    How Does a Fine Morning Shave Make Your Day Positive?

    So sorry for your loss Steve. Thank you though for sharing this as it reminds us all of what's most important in life and how precious and short it is. The morning shave for me is a simple yet refreshing daily ritual. I thoroughly enjoy it and it just sets the tone for the day, to begin freshly...
  10. jcs266

    How do you apply your AS?

    Ditto here - I splash it on with reckless abandon :tongue_sm
  11. jcs266

    What do you like to wash your beard with before shaving?

    Dove bar soap (pink). I scrub my face vigorously then rinse with hot water and load the brush with VDH. A single pass shave with the H1, rinse... a generous splash of Skin Bracer and I'm ready to face the day. :)
  12. jcs266

    Minimalist shaver’s annual cost...

    After experimenting with a variety of blades, razors and soaps I zeroed in on what worked and for 3 years now there’s been almost no change in my every day shave kit. I use the same soap, brush and razor every day. Here’s the items I purchases in 2017. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In...
  13. jcs266

    How to get hard water deposits off of a razor?

    After each shave I take a moment to wipe down the razor with a soft cotton hand towel. I don't take it apart, I just blow the water out of the blade channel (carefully of course) and then a quick wipe down. It looks brand new every day. No water spots (I also have a well).
  14. jcs266

    The One Pass Shave

    For well over a year now the single pass shave is all I ever do any more. I know the small trouble spots on my face and those get a little buffing as I do the pass. It's a great CCS and perfectly acceptable. A splash of Skin Bracer and the day begins.
  15. jcs266

    clubman pinaud

    Clubman is one of my all-time favorites. A true classic.
  16. jcs266

    Gillette Silver Blue

    Ditto. A great blade.
  17. jcs266

    Finding the 'one' razor or variety?

    I experimented with several DE’s the first year or so when I switched to DE razors. Once I figured out what worked best I zeroed in on the ATT and have used it since then - for 3 years now. One razor and brush every day. I enjoy the simplicity and get great shaves day in and day out.
  18. jcs266

    How many razors have you used in 2017?

    I used two razors in 2017. About 95% of 2017 was the ATT with either Kronos or the Atlas handle. The vast majority of the year was Kronos w/H1 plate. At times the Atlas w/H2 plate saw some use, but by far it was Kronos H1 for daily blissful shaves. The other 5% was my ‘53 Gillette President...
  19. jcs266

    If you had to choose only one razor from your collection, what would it be?

    ATT Kronos H1 without hesitation. It’s been my go-to for the past 3 years. In fact I’ve used it about 98% of the time since I got it in early Jan 2015.
  20. jcs266

    1955 Gillette Flare Tip Super Speed

    A great post. I too really like the Super Speeds. Mine is an A1 in pristine condition. It’s gentle and delivers a good shave. A true classic. I remember watching my Dad shave (canned Barbasol and Old Spice) with his Super Speed when I was a kid in the 60’s. He’d take the blade out of it and...
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