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  1. F

    What's your soap for today?

  2. F

    Gamechanger .84: my worst shaves ever. Help me figure out why.

    I think there are a ton of variables. I have a GC 84 and it works great for me with any blade I have tried. If it doesn't work for you, I would put it aside and stick with what works. Maybe inspiration will strike and you will narrow down what the issue may be.
  3. F

    World’s Mildest (New) Razor?

    The Baili 176 is a steal. One of the best shavers out there at any price.
  4. F

    Most Luxurious Shaving Soap?

    I have two, Williams Mug Soap and Penhaligon's English Fern. The first because I really like the scent, the lather is perfect and there is something old school cool about using a mug. The second is because the formulation I have is not made anymore. It was an excellent soap back when...
  5. F

    The Tech Clone Wars

    I tried the Qshave rimei 2002 clone today. On the one hand, it is a close shaver, one of the closest I have ever used. It has a substantial blade gap but very little blade feel, most of the time. Slight changes to angle or geometry of the face and you get some decent blade feel. It reminds...
  6. F

    Williams Again

    I have been using this approach recently. This approach works very well. I would try this approach first. I think if you have a hard to lather puck, try the dry brush method until the puck softens with use. After that go back to this approach. I think the key to both is a less than super...
  7. F

    Do I need a Black Beauty?

    Buy one, you only live once.
  8. F

    Blade Feel

    It’s the pressure of the blade on the skin as well as the angle that the blade meets the skin. Exposure and angle.
  9. F

    3 pass shave. Yes or no.

    I do 3 pass with touch-ups whether I shave daily or not. I like a BBS shave. I can get close with 2 passes, but my neck is a train wreck unless I add the third pass. Some do 2 or 1 pass shaves. Works for them.
  10. F

    Williams Again

    I would agree, a super badger may not be the way to go here. I use my Rooney Best that I bought years ago. It seems to a good match for Wiliams on other soaps.
  11. F

    Williams Again

    I have been trying this approach and it works very well! I go with a completely dry brush to start. I cover the puck with hot water, let it sit for a few seconds and then throw out the water. Then I go to work with a dry brush and get a decent coating on the tip of the brush, about 30-40...
  12. F

    My Buddy the Parat

    I tried it yesterday with a 7 o'clock super platinum (India). Oy Vey! It was awesome! I only used the super platinum one other time years ago and I thought it was trash. This one came with the Sterling I bought. It was a great shave, very sharp and very smooth. A definite upgrade over the...
  13. F

    Lupo stainless?

    They are good but only lasted about 6 shaves for me.
  14. F

    My Buddy the Parat

    I am a huge fan of the Tech. Although the spice of life is indeed, spice, I do like to try something different from time to time so I broke out my Parat and loaded it up with a new Rapira Platinum. These are a joy to use! Simple, great weighting and a solid shave. If you haven't been tempted...
  15. F

    What to look for in buying a Gillette Tech on ebay

    First off is pictures, lots of clear pictures of the razor. Second, a reputable seller, if they don't have good reviews, pass. Lastly, the style is kind of up to you, but most gravitate towards the triangle slot "Pre-war" techs. They tend to give slightly better results. Should run $50-$30...
  16. F

    Tech obsession

    I am a fellow fan of the Tech. Simple design, good results, lasts forever. What is not to like?
  17. F

    Blade Advice

    Bic or Personna Med Prep.
  18. F

    Tour of Egypt

    Yep, YMMV is what makes the world go 'round :) Blades seem to have a large number of variables that go into whether people like them or not. I find it interesting to read the different opinions.
  19. F

    Tour of Egypt

    I wanted to try some of the different blades by Lord. I had tried the Shark Stainless and the Shark Chrome in the distant past and found them to be good blades, but not the best for me. This time around I tried the Lord Platinum, Shark Platinum, Silver Star and Crown blades. I tried them all...
  20. F

    Gillette Perma-Sharp

    These are good blades, sharp and smooth.
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