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  1. Jeff C

    Smoked (Ready to Eat) Bacon

    I stumbled upon this product at a new Eastern European grocery store in my town and it is delicious. It is kind of similar to proscuitto or a German style product called Speck but I had never seen it in US stores before and certainly never US made. Anyway, if you get a chance, pick up pack of...
  2. Jeff C


    Anybody ever try these and have a favorite? I am a huge fan of sardines and eat a few cans of them per week for lunch. I've found some sardines canned in olive oil which I usually then pour on a salad for dressing. On a lark at an Eastern European grocery store, I picked up a tin of Old Riga...
  3. Jeff C

    Rossbacher Herbal Liqueur

    Anybody drink Rossbacher, an Austrian herbal liqueur? It is similar, but different, from other herbal based drinks like Unicum, Jägermeister or Fernet. I had some recently on a trip and liked it so much I am trying to buy a case. I suspect that it is a bit hard to find outside of Austria but...
  4. Jeff C

    Isana Blades (private label for Rossman-German drug store)

    So I recently picked up some Isana blades while on a trip to Germany. http://www.rossmann.de/qualitaetsprodukt/rasierklingen-classic.html This is a private label brand sold by the Rossman chain. I really, really like these blades, got 3 shaves out of them with very little irritation or cuts...
  5. Jeff C

    Any Pu Erh Sheng in Tea Bag Format for Travel

    So on short term I'm going to be on a trip for a week in unusual surroundings. I'm sure the only way I'll be able to enjoy tea on this trip for several reasons is in bags. I'm used to making my sheng pu erh in a large yixing at home and an infuser at work. I've only ever seen ripe pu erh in...
  6. Jeff C

    Military Mount Meerschaum

    So about 15 years ago I purchased my one and only Meerschaum pipe when I was in Rome, Italy. It is a beautiful half bent with a typical imitation amber mouthpiece and a military mount stem. I'd like to get another Meerschaum (and am not going to Italy again any time soon) in the military mount...
  7. Jeff C

    Which Semogue Is Close to Burma Shave Brush?

    So I saw an older thread on this and the consensus seems to be 1305 but am wondering if there are any new opinions. I have a Burma Shave brush I bought in the late 1990s but it is getting a bit worn out and I want to try a Semogue. I like the loft, softness, and backbone on the Burma Shave...
  8. Jeff C

    Human/Canine Interest Story, abandoned dog on 13,000 foot peak

    So thought you all might find this story interesting. A hiker takes his dog to climb Mt. Bierstadt, a 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado. The dog's paws get injured and the hiker (having a child with him) has to abandon the dog. Although some efforts are made by the owner to get the dog, some...
  9. Jeff C

    Mackmyra Whisky in United States

    Just wondering if anybody has seen this whisky for sale in the United States. I had a friend from Canada bring me a sample and the particular expression was quite nice. Alas, I have never seen it in the Washington DC area and certainly not at the state run stores in Virginia.
  10. Jeff C

    Show Us Your Ferments

    Here are mine from left to right: pasteurized whole milk turning into Kefir thanks to my grains, some Sauerkraut with juniper berries and caraway seeds (already fermented, this is my storage jar in the fridge), pickles going at it in my Picklemeister.
  11. Jeff C

    MY Intro: Wet Shaving Veteran but DE Safety Razor Newbie Needs Advice on Razor

    So guys I am from Northern Virginia, 42 years young and father of two. In addition to shaving some of my other interests are working out with kettlebells and sandbags, bicycling, pipe smoking, Scotch and Bourbon whiskies (heck all whiskies), German literature, history and war movies. My...
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