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    A lathering experiment or two

    I’ve been conducting an experiment for the past few days to try to improve my prep. Bearing in mind Kyle’s prep instructions and my own experience using AOS cream without a brush, I tried the following: 1. After washing my face and holding a warm wet towel to it for a minute I apply a...
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    Past time for a follow-up report from this newbie

    It’s been over a month since I posted about my return to shaving with a DE, so I figured it was (past) time for an update. Sorry this is so long. Various wetshavers stressed the importance of prep and, as Smedley puts it, GAP (grain, angle, pressure). They were right. :smile: I’ve...
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    My first shave with a DE in years!

    I used a SuperSpeed from BroJohn today to shave with a DE for the first time in who knows how long. Thanks, John. Two passes, not my best shave ever, but certainly passable. Even better, no blood! :biggrin: I’m pretty happy with this result. Now I need to proceed with caution and not...
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    Checking in

    Hi. After lurking awhile, and posting a few times, it’s time to introduce myself. My name is Ed. Thanks for all the useful information I’ve already obtained from this site. I used a DE when I first started shaving, but wandered off when cartridge razors became available. I have that...
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