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  1. D

    First Shave with PannaCrema!

    Finally got this in and lathered it up today and all I can say is "Wow!" Loads quickly, lathered right up with less water than I expected, and stayed super-moist my entire shave! Really neat texture to it as well, very pliable, almost like play-doh but softer (does that make any sense?). And...
  2. D

    How's a Gillette Senator shave?

    Picking one of these up as it is my father's birth year. Curious how it will shave in comparision to my Weber/Edwin Jagger (this will be my first vintage razor!). Any input/advice?
  3. D

    UK vs American Artisan Shave Soaps?

    I've really been enjoying the shaves I get with the tallow-based American Artisan Shave soaps (Mikes, MW, Stirling). It seems to me that many of the people who are fairly new to wet shaving (myself included) tend to gravitate towards these American artisan soaps, while those who have been...
  4. D

    Boar or Horse?

    Hi guys, about 4 months in to wet shaving and curious about a new brush (currently have a Frank Shaving Best Badger which I am enjoying). Both the Semogue Boar's and the Vie-Long Horse brushes seem to be getting great reviews. I face lather exclusively and think I want a brush with a little...
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