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Search results

  1. johnsprout25

    FS 4 RFB double edge razors

    For sale these four razorsof the appraised RFB model: 1. Gillette Made in England. Some small spots on the cap. The upper part of the handle looks a bit loose but is not the cas and no crack visible. €60 2. 7 o’clock made in England. A bit of brassing at the bottom of the handle and a tight...
  2. johnsprout25

    FS Gillette Hybrid Tech Set

    Hi guys, I am selling this famous model of the Tech for the price of €340 Signed For shipping from EU and Paypal fees included. I think the pictures give a good view of the condition of the razor. A few small spots on the back and on the handle. In comparison to the price Peter sold his Hybrid...
  3. johnsprout25

    Gillette Shakespeare, anyone seen it before?

    Hello, I found this set but never heard of and do not know which razor type to fill it with. Who can help me with more info. Looks like a small bottle to be filled with some kind of alcoholic beveridge? Thanks!
  4. johnsprout25

    FS: HD Rockets, FT Rockets, Parats

    These razors are for sale: 3 HD Rockets, all in very good to excellent condition. No brassing spots visible. All three are the heavy edition of 70+ grams. $75 each, shipped worldwide. PayPal fees included.
  5. johnsprout25

    First Hello

    Hi everyone, My name is John and I've been reading on this nice forum for a few months now. Time to check in. I turned over to DE razors (especially vintage Gillette) for shaving my face about a year ago and there is no way back in my opinion. I started my humble collection of vintage Gillette...
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