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  1. Tarak83

    Den Clear- Gamechanger, Stirling, TOBS

    Clearing out things that I don’t use or just aren’t for me. I have several ways I can sell this package! Venmo or PayPal, CONUS only please. Razorock Gamechanger 0.68SP with bulldog handle- $50 shipped Mike’s Orange, cedarwood, and black pepper shave soap. Never used. Stirling Piacenza shave...
  2. Tarak83

    Daughter Got Into My Blades!

    So today was a new one and a potential close call. My two year old very busy daughter loves to watch me shave. She likes to sniff the shaving soap, hold my brush, help me make the lather, etc. I got shaving away and did what every good parent does- generally ignored the activity and noise she...
  3. Tarak83

    Barbershop Fragrances

    I love love love the smell of Stirling Barbershop. I had the EDT on the other day and my dad said “wow you smell good”. However, Stirling EDTs really don’t have much longevity on me. Anyone know of colognes that have that Barbershop type scent?
  4. Tarak83

    Executive Man vs Royal Forest

    I just got an order from West Coast Shaving which includes Stirling Executive Man and TOBS Royal Forest. I am finding them to be pretty similar. If it wasn’t for the cost of shipping I’d maybe send the TOBS back to get something a little different. I guess I was surprised about their similarity...
  5. Tarak83

    Surprised by Old Navy Ember

    I've only recently started "caring" about cologne. For the longest time the cologne I used was from American Eagle, and a bottle lasted me...years. Recently, when I realized I needed more, I found they had stopped making it. So, my wife was headed on a shopping trip and I said, "Hey, find a...
  6. Tarak83

    Planning a Rockwell 6c and Razorock Gamechanger Shootout...

    I'm somewhat new to the DE game (few months), but I'm not a person that wants a pile of razors sitting around, mixing and matching blades for different shaves. I want 2-3 solid razors that I'm happy with. My first DE, and one I still enjoy, is the Merkur 34c, is an easy going, mindless shave and...
  7. Tarak83

    Den Clear- Razorock, Stirling, Proraso

    Clearing out a few things I don’t use or just aren’t for me. All prices are shipped to CONUS. PayPal for payment. 1. Razorock BBS. Second owner but presents as new. I’ve used twice. Will be cleaned and sanitized. Includes soft case, tuck of RR blades, and I’ll throw in a tuck of Astra SP. $50...
  8. Tarak83

    Do All Proraso Shave Creams Have Menthol!

    I like the performance, scent, and ease of Proraso Green Shave Cream, but I’m finding I’m sensitive to menthol. I do not enjoy the scent of the red. Does the White and Blue have menthol too? Same amount? What would be an alternative given my menthol issue?
  9. Tarak83

    Should AS Splashes Burn?

    I read somewhere on here that I’d you use an alcohol based aftershave splash and it burns your shaving technique is bad. I’m a couple months into DE shaving and my technique has come a long way, but I usually use a balm. Today I used Clubman Pinaud for the first time and great googly moogly that...
  10. Tarak83

    What Happened to Shaveology?

    Does anyone know where the Shaveology brand has dissipated to? I just started another thread about trying to make my own version of their pre-shave oil. I really like it. I jumped on Amazon to search for it again to check ingredients....and its gone. There are only a couple products left with...
  11. Tarak83

    DIY Pre-Shave Oil?

    I'm thinking about making my own pre-shave oil. I'm guessing plenty of you here have DIY'd it. My favorite pre-shave is Shaveology pre-shave oil, something I never see mentioned around here. I like the performance, and I also like that it isn't a super thick oil.....sometimes Stirling pre-shave...
  12. Tarak83

    What One Soap Brand Should I Try?

    Hi all. The only three shave soaps/creams I've experienced are Taylor of Old Bond Street, Stirling, and Proraso. In my 2 month DE journey, I've already bought quite a handful of soaps and razors, so I owe it to myself to slow down. What one other soap company would you encourage me to try in...
  13. Tarak83

    Th Ultimate Desert Island Thread

    There’s so many of these “if you could only have one” or “desert island” threads....what if we put them into one. The ultimate desert island thread. So if you were stranded on and island and could have only one, what would be your: Razor: Merkur 34c Blade: Astra SP Brush: Viking White Knight...
  14. Tarak83

    First Shave With Rockwell 6c

    Finally got my Rockwell 6c and had my first shave. Used the 3 plate. Really nice shave, really enjoyed it. Best shave in awhile. I see why they are so popular. My only problem has been that on part of my neck near the midline my hair grows straight horizontally. When I shave ATG in those areas...
  15. Tarak83

    Rockwell Blades?

    Has anyone tried the free 100 blades that come with a Rockwell razor? Any good? I’m assuming not but hey.....
  16. Tarak83

    Invent the Worst Shaving Cream Scents

    Random but fun....what would be the worst shaving cream scent you could invent? Some ideas: Egg Yolk & Sulfur Steamed Cabbage & Broccoli Grandpa's Armpit Hot August Garbage Can Pecorino Romance Stale Coffee Grounds
  17. Tarak83

    1st Plate On Rockwell 6c?

    Wondering folks’ advice on which plate to start with on a Rockwell 6c, which comes in this week. Currently I predominantly use a 34c and ‘69 Gillette Tech. I have a fairly sensitive neck, and am about 15 shaves into DE shaving. Was thinking I’d start on the #3. Thoughts?
  18. Tarak83

    Viking Razors? Any Good?

    Don’t see much talk about Viking Razors here. Anyone use them? Any good?
  19. Tarak83

    Razorock BBS First Impressions

    Had my first shave with the RR BBS today. I procured it from the BTS from a fine member and had a positive purchase experience. I loaded it with a fresh Nacet blade and lathered with Stirling Hipster after my usual shower and pre-shave oil. I was really hoping this would be a “magic bullet”...
  20. Tarak83

    Razorock BBS Thoughts?

    I have a Razorock BBS on its way to me. I notice that I don’t hear and see a lot about those in this forum. Thoughts on them?
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