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Search results

  1. aussietanker

    vintage retail shaving displays

    Hi Folks.. I did a search on this and couldn't find a thread on this topic here. I am trying to find images and descriptions of what the "product display units" / product wall racks / retail display signage etc that Gillette would have provided to their larger retailers so that they could...
  2. aussietanker

    WTB V Good condition Toggle & Red Dot cases (only)

    Hi. I know it's a long shot (ok, a very long shot) but as the title says, I'm looking for a v good condition Toggle case and a very good condition red dot Fatboy case. Even better if they contain the instructions etc Genuine collector, looking for cases & / or instructions / inserts only and...
  3. aussietanker

    Looking for thread with pics of ever ready vintage shaving brush collection

    Some time ago i came across a thread on here that had a couple of posts with pictures of a B&B members vintage shaving brush collection. This particular member had decided that rather than collect a wide variety of different vintage shaving brushes that he would instead collect just one brand of...
  4. aussietanker

    Hi from "down under"

    Hi Folks.... I'm very new here so "Hello" to all from "the land down under"! I decided to sign up after noticing one day that the cost of the replacement cartridges for my razor was almost as much as buying the entire razor in teh first place! Then i remembered that my Dad used a simple DE...
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