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  1. Shutterbug57

    Ingrown Hairs & Bumps

    My daughter is in a LT relationship with a fellow who is perpetually scruffy. I had bit given that much thought as many guys are going that way. The other day shaving came up in conversation, actually he brought it up. He mentioned that he uses a trimmer because his experience with carts and...
  2. Shutterbug57

    The Daily Groom

    For those who want to see what beard products do, I shot this morning’s beard grooming. Fresh out of the shower After drying and beard oil, brushed in (Art of Shaving unscented) After beard balm, brushed in (Detroit Grooming Belle Isle) after waxing the ‘stache (Firehouse light [color])
  3. Shutterbug57

    Professional Beard Trim - Cincinnati

    Does anyone have a lead for a good barber to do a professional beard trim in the Cincinnati Ohio area? I appreciate any input.
  4. Shutterbug57

    What's In Your Inventory - Expendables

    I was looking at the 2020 Sabbatical thread. There are quite a few participants. I signed up for the Sabbatical and that got me to thinking. Looking at your den and your inventory of expendables - not razors or brushes, but blades, soap, aftershave, etc. - what do you have on hand. I have...
  5. Shutterbug57

    May 2019 Challenge: Repetition

    The challenge for May is repetition. I am interested to see what y’all come up with. The rules this month are the same as usual: Winner of the previous months challenge picks new theme and starts thread. You must be the photographer. One entry per month. Try and make the image a recent one...
  6. Shutterbug57

    April 2019 Challenge: Self-Portrait

    Life magazine has decided to feature you as their photographer of the year. They have staff shooters that will get most of the shots they need for the article, but they want you to do a self-portrait as the cover photo for the story. They are not looking for a “selfie”, but a quality photo...
  7. Shutterbug57

    OCtober 2018

    It is that time of year again when we are rapidly coming upon OCtober. I thought I would get this post out, although, I am almost a couple of weeks late. I am looking forward to OCtober again, although I am swamped at work, hence the late notice. As always, if you want to participate in the...
  8. Shutterbug57

    Vintage Fishing Rod - Removing Rust From Guides

    I have a 6'6" Wright & McGill "Danco" (96.5) fishing rod that I have had since my uncle bought it for me ~54 years ago. Through the process of time, the guide loops, which are just steel, have gotten a bit rusty. They are not too gross, but no longer smooth either. The finish on the rod has also...
  9. Shutterbug57

    OCtober 2017

    Well, SEptember is off and running and it is time to think about OCtober. This will be the 5th year for the OCtober thread. It is time to take stock of your OC razor inventory and, if you want to upgrade/add/start your collection in time for OCtober 2017, you have 1 month to so do. If you...
  10. Shutterbug57

    Fill Mechanisms - What do You Have & What Do You Prefer?

    I am just curious what other folks thoughts are on fill mechanisms. Here are mine. I have around 75 fountain pens, so have a variety of fill mechanisms. I prefer piston fillers. Below are my thoughts. 1. Piston fillers - easy to use, robust mechanism and holds a lot of ink. Many have a sight...
  11. Shutterbug57

    OCtober 2016

    Once again, it is 01 September. While the SE folks are kicking off their month, and some of us may be among them, it is time for the OC folks to begin thinking of OCtober. This will be the 4th year for the OCtober thread, this year called OCtober 2016. I know that this is a fun thread, but...
  12. Shutterbug57

    OCtober 2015

    For the last couple of years we have had fun with open combs in October, so let's do it again this year. We have 1 month til the kickoff, so if you don't have an OC, or you want more OC's, you have time to act. In 2013 we had good participation. Last year we had even more participation. You...
  13. Shutterbug57

    Swirls, Dabs or Strokes

  14. Shutterbug57

    Swirls, Dabs or Strokes

    Recently, I have been watching MASH, the TV show from the 1970s set in the 1950s. In the show, you frequently see Hawkeye, Trapper, Frank and Henry shaving, or more frequently brushing on shave soap. These are guys (the actors, not the characters) who would have actually been shaving for some...
  15. Shutterbug57

    Kitchen Knife Sharpening

    I keep the knives I use (2 10" Chef knives) sharp just using the steel. But my wife has another set of knives that she likes and does not maintain very faithfully. My question for the group here is what do you use to keep your daily kitchen knives sharp, particularly if you don't sharpen them...
  16. Shutterbug57

    Kudos to All-Clad - Warranty

    My wife and I purchased most of our All-Clad cookware about 20 years ago. We have the tri-ply line which sandwiches aluminum between two different stainless steel alloys, 18/10 for the inside and 18/0, which is magnetic, for the outside. We have been very pleased with our All-Clad - we have 14...
  17. Shutterbug57

    Making the Switch to Induction - Tips For Newbies

    My wife and I are making the switch from an electric (halogen under glass) cook top to an induction cook top. When we remodeled the kitchen 20 years ago, I wanted to go with gas, but lost the battle based on esthetics. I do most of the cooking, but my wife liked the look of the glass cook top...
  18. Shutterbug57

    Single Malt Bars - Cincinnati

    Does anybody know of any bars in Cincinnati that have a good selection of Single Malts? I am interested in trying Ardbeg 10, but don't want to buy a bottle yet. I appreciate any info.
  19. Shutterbug57

    Peated Bourbon - Any Takers?

    I went on a tour of the Buffalo Trace distillery. One of the interesting experiments I saw aging in the warehouse was a few barrels labeled "Peated Bourbon". It is still in the experimental state and it may or may not ever make it to market. I thought it sounded interesting. Do do you think it...
  20. Shutterbug57

    Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream

    I just saw Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream on the Buffalo Trace website. Has anybody else tried this stuff? Interested in any comments you have about it. Sounds like the go to recipe is two parts Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream to 4 parts root beer. I guess A scoop of vanilla ice cream to top it off...
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