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    FS Tatara Masamune Dark with stand and extra nodachi top cap

    Selling my Tatara Masamune Dark with the stand and extra Nodachi top cap. Excellent razor, just a hair mild for my taste. Razor is in great condition. Price is $180 shipped CONUS. Will also consider trades. Payment accepted via PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle. Any questions feel free to PM me.
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    Kent of Inglewood - Razor Sale

    Hi guys, Today I saw that Kent of Inglewood has 15% off their razors. I was able to pick up their Karve brass set with plates B, C, and D for $102 with free shipping with code Style4men for an extra 10% off.
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    Reputable Sources for True Shave Ready Razor - Beginner

    Hi Guys, I've been thinking about getting into straight razor shaving and am looking for a list of reputable sites to order a shave ready razor from. I've seen a couple people here recommend https://thesuperiorshave.com/products/ and Home | Crescent City Razors -...
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    Yaqi store sale

    Hi guys, I noticed that the yaqi store on AliExpress was having a big sale tomorrow. I don’t know too much about what the discounts would be but they said $1 products, 50% discount and new products. I figured I’d post here for others to see.
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    How to post/comment in BST

    Hey guys, I’m relatively new to B&B. How do I gain ability to post in the BST page? Thanks!
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    Hi Guys, I'm new to wet shaving and recently purchased a Fayboy. I've noticed that the blade gap seems to be really small on this razor and was wondering if you guys had an input on if this correct. This is the blade gap on setting 9. Let me know if you need any more photos. I've also noticed...
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    Gold Gillette Fatboy revamp by Razor Emporium

    Hi B&B, I’m here looking for opinions on Razor Emporium’s plating of vintage razors. How is their reputation with the revamps? I’ve seen some of their YouTube videos and they seem like they do great honest work. I found a used gold plated fatboy by razor emporium online for about $130. Do you...
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    New Here, Looking for Advice

    Hi all, I am new to wet shaving and have purchased a Rockwell 6c and have been wet shaving for about a month. I've been using it on plate 3 or 4 as I've found anything less to be inefficient. I've gotten better with my technique to the point where my skin doesn't get irritated much, but I keep...
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