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  1. D

    Choices choices choices

    Help. Merkur Slant. HD or Barber Pole ? Thanks for your advice...
  2. D

    Slant or Straight

    I have been using a double edged razor for about a year now and really like the results. I was just wondering what the next step is... Straight or slant razor. Thanks.
  3. D

    Vintage Gillette Defects

    How serious is a split in the handle of the razor. This should effect value but in terms of the funtion ? I am looking at some silver Richwoods and some have mentioned a small crack. Just some thoughts. Thank you.
  4. D

    Third Shave Day

    Just finished my third Shave day... Staying with the same cream. Proraso My Velux brush. Merkur 38C with Derby blades... I applied conditioner in the shower then shaved afterward. I shaved 3 times... On every pass I am still finding areas that I have whiskers. Missing? How...
  5. D

    First Shave

    Just want to start with... I received a combo package from Lee's. Merkur 38c Vulfix 660 I used Proraso from Bath and Bodyworks... I took my time. I was really nervous. But I had my best shave of my life. WOW. Couple of spots I missed and I am still trying to learn the whole...
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