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  1. D

    Favourite blade fail?

    So I still consider myself new to the game, so maybe someone with much more experience can help explain this. I ordered up more of my go to blade (Bolzano) and the shaves I received from them are far from what I expected. They seem almost dull, they feel tuggy like they are not cutting, just...
  2. D

    Neck irritation and rediscovering shave angle

    I'm new to wet shaving (5mo.) and will never go back to a cartridge. Still pretty new at this, but generally do really well with my shaves. *But* I've always had an issue with the neck area right below the jaw line. That 1" little strip, always irritation. Tried everything I could from...
  3. D

    Acquired two new Gillette razors!

    A good friend of mine who is a hairdresser gave me two razors yesterday that he has not used in forever. Cleaned up quite nice with a little work. One looks like a Flair-tip Rocket ?? Made in England with II stamped by handle, the other a gillette G2000 maybe? I really don't have an idea of...
  4. D

    Donm668's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Don Meger What are your nicknames/aliases? donm668 Where do you live? Calgary What is your age (or) generation? 50 What are you in the real world? Canada What is your favorite shave setup? Fairly new so right now DE89l, Omega 48, Feather and...
  5. D

    Yet another Canadian noob

    Great place you have here! Tons of information, great reviews, good people. I started wet shaving this past Christmas mostly due to the cost of multi blade razors, how horrible they made my face feel, and to get away from the general loathing of shaving. After a bit of research I discovered...
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