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Search results

  1. solar

    Frapin 1270; just gets better

    Ever since getting this one, I find the scent just gets more and more pleasant. Very soft, never cloying, this is a really beautiful fragrance, albeit quite unisex, not a rugged manly scent. I did a review of this one (http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=174237) and I have to say...
  2. solar

    Etro Gomma and Knize Ten

    I picked up some Etro Gomma recently, and while I know some K10 purists will flame me for saying this, it really is very similar to me to Knize Ten to my basic and untrained sniffer. Knize is very hard to find, and Gomma is more common, so its a nice stand in, sort of like getting Aqua de Borsa...
  3. solar

    Canali Style; nice surprise

    I found this today on the sale table, $20.00 for 100ml. I tried a sample and found a very soft leather open. I figured, at the price, I couldn't go wrong, so I bought a bottle. The soft leather morphs into a smooth musk on dry down. Its not particularly complex or spectacular, but like some...
  4. solar

    Your Best suggestions as to leathers

    I'm interested in your opinions as to those colognes that have a good leather scent to them. Obviously, we are all subjective in these things olfactory, but suggestions are welcomed. So far, my inquiries have produced: Knize 10 Knize 10 Gold Edition Creed Royal English Leather Cuir...
  5. solar

    Frapin 1270

    I picked up a a bottle of this on the weekend. My wife had sampled it when buying some fragrances for herself, and was interested in getting this for me, as its rated as unisex. For me, I get cedar, tobacco, and some leather at the outset, then it sweetens quite a bit for a wood-vanilla middle...
  6. solar

    L'Artisan Samples

    My wife just got home from some shopping, and she picked up a couple of L'Artisan scents for herself: La Chasse Aux Papillons: Very light, very fresh, a wonderful floral evocative of springtime greenery. Fleurs de Liane: Again, very light, a sense of fresh cut grass and sunlight on the skin...
  7. solar

    Czech and Speake in Canada?

    Any of the Canadian members of the forum have experience with where to buy C&S in Canada online? Some US retailers won't ship owing to alcohol, and duty/customs/brokerage fees can be prohibitive. Best, Chris
  8. solar

    Only Feather blades for me now...

    Having gone through a considerably-representative sampler pack, including Reds, 7 O'Clocks (green and yellow packs) Astra, Derby, Merkur, Shark, Bic, Lord and others, it seems that only Feathers shave me reliably close and irritation free. I figure its time to put the remnants of the sampler...
  9. solar

    Residual stubble frustrating

    I find often that even after proper prep (shower, face wash, pre-shave oil, face lathering, shave with DE loaded with new blade, WTG followed by XTG and some scruffing on the jawline, then cold water rinse, alum block, AS splash and moisturizer), I still have what looks like upon close...
  10. solar

    Geo. F Trumper Coconut shave cream...just keeps performing

    I recently returned from a quick trip to Turkey and Greece, and got tagged with a nasty bit of food poisoning near the end of the trip thanks to some bad shellfish. I limped home on Friday, and yesterday was in need of a shave after the classic period of discomfort and neglect of personal...
  11. solar

    Received and tried my Merkur Progress

    I received my new long-handled Merkur Progress, as I wanted another adjustable DE in my stable. I currently own the Merkur Futur adjustable, which over the years has grown a wee bit tough to adjust (I suspect if I break down the head and apply some fishing reel oil, it may improve things)...
  12. solar

    Quick trip to Greece and Turkey

    I'm heading out next week for a quick 5 day visit of Greece and thence to the south coast of Turkey. Here's what my travel kit will entail: 1. Penhaligon's Trac II travel razor. Too much bother to have the DE and blades in a separate checked bag. I'll be doing some moving around, so my...
  13. solar

    Your suggestions for vintage DE razors

    Gents: I have a nice collection of DE razors, and I know very little about the vintage razors out there. Fatboys, Rockets, etc....the names are colorful and I just don't seem to know the differences between the various vintage razors. I find my EJ Chatsworth (great balance, head shaves...
  14. solar

    Gentleman's Best

    Both the Chilled Aftershave Splash and the Signature series aftershaves; man, the more I use these, the better I like them. I have quite a collection of AS, and the GB stuff is really topping the charts right now, I'm not kidding. Anyone else like this stuff? And the price is outstanding as...
  15. solar

    Pick up from Classic Shaving

    Got a 6 pack of shaving towels. Nice tight weave cotton, used one tonight, for a nice change from smaller facecloths I generally use to clean off shave cream post-shave. Also in the box was a Feather "PaRaDa" tweezer, looks like matte stainless steel, but I can't say for sure. Anyways, this is...
  16. solar

    Got me some Royall Spyce AS

    From Classic Shaving, I got a 4 oz bottle of the a/m. The atomizer wouldn't work, so I tossed it out and kept the crown-shaped screw on cap and will use this as a splash. Nice scent, bay-rum like but not quite the same, and best of all I think, SWMBO likes it too. Nice burn post shave on the...
  17. solar

    How do YOU describe Knize Ten?

    I've found a few opinions and a review here for Knize Ten. I have a sample enroute, but I am very curious to know the opinions you may have from using this scent. Merci en avance, Chris
  18. solar

    Adjustable DE work really well for me

    I find that when I use my Merkur Futur, set on a 4-5, and do my first with the grain passes, followed by a re-set to about a 2, for the XTG and ATG passes, I get a really good, really nick-weeper free shave. So, I just ordered another Merkur adjustable, the Progress (long handle), because I...
  19. solar

    Mama Bear Brazilian Coffee soap

    I just used this sample, and was underwhlemed on the scent. Its as if I suddenly went hard of smelling.....I couldn't detect the scent of coffee, so I'll try it with a different brush tomorrow. It lathers well, as all MB glycerin soap seems to do. I was just expecting a more coffee-rich...
  20. solar

    Where to find Knize 10 aftershave?

    I've been looking around the 'net, and either the selections are not available (sold out) or the prices are ridiculously low, and when I Google the company selling the very low-price product, I have found e-opinions warning of replica product. So, who knows of a decent online source around...
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