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  1. WindyShaver

    Lather like yogurt or more like mayonnaise?

    I was watching one of lather videos that showed Mystic Waters being lathered to this wonderfully thick consistency. I was trying to figure out what actually needed to happen to take a shaving brush loaded with a fatty, soapy and wet substance and convert it to something that is much thicker just...
  2. WindyShaver

    Items I've Bought That I Probably Won't Buy Again

    Tabac ss was my first soap, and I could not get it to work with my sensitive skin via face lather. Then I grated it to a bowl and it is now amazing. I load the brush and bowl lather. You may like it this way. It's a wonderful soap.
  3. WindyShaver

    thinking about throwing away my shaving creams

    Razorock artisan Napoleon's Violet. While scented, I don't get the red mysterious blotching or have to deal with any razor burn. It's my slickest soap along with Cella. Mike's is close behind but I like the scents of Mike's better.
  4. WindyShaver

    Neat container for soap pucks

    Excellent. I placed the order tonight.
  5. WindyShaver

    Neat container for soap pucks

    i've been loading soap on a less wet boar brush and building lather in a separate container. Face lathering isn't my cup of tea. I don't use a soaking brush as I tend to get a lot of lather coming over the edges of the container. i have two ceramic and two plastic soap containers and just cover...
  6. WindyShaver

    Neat container for soap pucks

    Ha. Just pick up a set today. The "tins" are stainless and they're 3 for $4.99 (or maybe $3.99.). Hopefully a mwf puck fits nicely.
  7. WindyShaver

    Best soap for fragrance and lather

    +1 on Mike's natural soaps. They have the best, most natural scents I've found. I recommend picking up a full set of samples. They're inexpensive, you get to find the scents your really like and I'm still working through the first sample in the bottom of my shaving mug so you get a lot of...
  8. WindyShaver

    What Are Your Best Recent Purchases? That Was Worth Every Penny

    Semogue 1305 superior boar brush Load of Mike's natural soaps samples (really loving my first test which is the rose and cedar sample) Razorock artisan Napoleon's violet ...and my conversion to shaving soaps is complete. I have a new Semogue SOC boar that I haven't touched yet. Love that...
  9. WindyShaver

    thinking about throwing away my shaving creams

    I'm down to four creams, just giving two away and I won't keep any of these in rotation once they're finished. I do love soaps and how they react with a boar brush. Like Mike's as well. Also try Razorock and Cella for great shaves for sensitive skin.
  10. WindyShaver

    Anyone know the next round of Razorock artisan soaps?

    It started with Razorock's Napoleon's Violet artisan soap and I'm now waiting on Caprician Lemon. I'm hooked on this soap. And I've noticed it's starting to sell out at certain locations including Italian Barber which from my limited understanding may be the mind behind this product. Anyone...
  11. WindyShaver

    New to DE shaving - Horrible razor burn

    Sensitive skin shaver here. I highly recommend cold water shaving. I started ice cold and now it's luke warm to cold depending on the day and my razor burn disappeared. Also found early on that the preshave oil prior not only helps with the current shave but with the next one. I now try to put...
  12. WindyShaver

    Are there any good sampler kits available?

    If I would do it all over again, I would have started by getting most of Mike's shaving soaps samples right off the bat. And I say most as I wish I would have just added Barbershop and a couple others to my original sample order. They smell amazing and even from the first use, lather nicely...
  13. WindyShaver

    WOULD you be interested in Mike's Natural Soap (Sandalwood)

    No but I don't like the smell of sandalwood. Giving away a Mysore Queen Charlotte and a Marlborough. I so tried to like this mysterious sandalwood.
  14. WindyShaver

    Sensitive skin shavers - what soaps/creams/croaps give you the best shave?

    I am a sensitive skin shaver. My repertoire includes a glycerine face washing process in the shower, cold rinsing, and shave oil before I even get started. I also cold water shave. I've found that Tabac soap, Razorock Napoleon's violet soap, Cella soap (all three lathered in a bowl) and...
  15. WindyShaver

    The First Shave Soap that made you say WOW! The second soap, the second WOW!

    First wow was Tabac. My sensitive skin didn't like the shave stick but loved it grated and lathered in a bowl. The second wow is a tie for Razorock Napoleon's Violet and Cella. Love the lather and moisturized feel after the shave for both. Upcoming wows include Mike's soaps. I have a handful...
  16. WindyShaver

    Would you do it differently, knowing what you know now?

    The journey has been interesting and enlightening so I don't have many regrets. I do wish I would have gone with a good boar brush to start. Soaps benefit from a little more backbone. I would have avoided purchasing a full blade sampler and read the boards for 3-4 blades folks were using with...
  17. WindyShaver

    So I tried Arko shave stick last evening.

    Ha! 40 tall.
  18. WindyShaver

    So I tried Arko shave stick last evening.

    And I really like this soap. I had a great shave even with a less than ideal face lather technique which I will need to work on. I picked up a couple sticks as part of a larger order. Have to say I was excited to test all of the hype. A freshly opened and sniffed Arko bar does indeed smell...
  19. WindyShaver

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Edwin Jagger DE89 with a yellow Gillette 7 o'clock. Nice shave!
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