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    OKU Brush Appreciation

    I saw this brush on the SOTD and got ahold of the brush maker Francisco. A few emails later I ordered the Sevilla. This is a lovely brush, one thing I am happy with is that at the moment is it only comes in a somewhat milky white (easy decision on color). The handle feels good in the hand, it's...
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    Oumo SHD vs Maggards SHD

    I have purchased 5 individual knots from Oumo in two purchases all SHD 2 band. The first purchase was nine months ago this was a 26 fan and bulb. The second purchased three months ago was one 26 fan and two 28 fans (Oumo called these knots Hooked tips). I also purchased four brushes recently 26...
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    Maggard SHD Knot Appreciation

    Hello, I have been curious about a few knots lately Oumo, TurnNshave and Maggards SHD. I did some purchasing and experimenting with the Maggards SHD knot. Here it goes, my comparison with the SHD knot will be with Thater, Shavemac, Brad Sears, El Druida soft tips moderate backbone brushes (I...
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    Oumobrush 2 band knot vs Elite vs Maggard SHD

    If anyone has an Oumobrush 2 bandlease give your opinion on that knot, If you also have a Oumo and Elite or SHD please make a comparison of these knots.
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    Do you still have or use your first Shaving Brush

    What was your first brush or brushes and do you still have or use the brush or brushes? In high school (New York), I worked 2 evenings a week delivering for a Fuller Brush salesman, so my first brush was a Fuller brush Boar which cost me $1.25. I do not' have that brush any longer but I do...
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    Brad Sears Brush Appreciation

    Brad has been making brushes for quite a while now and I feel is deserving of a thread commending the work that he does. Over the last 2 years, Brads designs and unique elegant combinations of resins has elevated his brushes to a unique level to where you know without looking at the logo that is...
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    Gillette Old Type a thing of beauty (smoothly aggressive)

    If you like smooth aggressive razors a few changes to an Old Type Ball end makes this 100-year-old razor the cat's meow. Through the years there has been one constant off and on razor in my rotation and that's the Gillette's Old Type, a 1906 (Standard which I have a few of that I very rarely...
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    Oleo's Duck Fat Soap

    I had purchased a Vegan tub of Oleo soap (I very rarely buy Vegan unless the reviews are excellent) from Timeless, my opinion was it was OK, I wouldn't buy again. A short time later I watch a Youtube review of Oleo Pucker a Tallow that went on to state that this was a very good soap. So I went...
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    Some unappreciated 2 band knots

    The 3 knots I'm discussing in this thread are excellent face lathers, have been available for years but for some reason has garnered very little review attention. Side note: the TGN has had it's share of attention years ago but in the last years nada. I'll start with a knot a TGN that I believe...
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    Ballenclaugh soap

    I purchased 3 tubs of Chris's first Woodsmen 3-4 years ago because it is an excellent soap that came in at 7oz., I feel with all the soaps that I have and used I've always enjoyed Woodsmen. It's a superb soap, good cushion, protection, slickness, moisturizing properties, I feel it's the best...
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    Paladin Brush knots

    What I would like to do here is discuss Paladin knots/hairs because (for example) you can purchase a Paladin Chief with with different knots that give totally different feels. But before I do I want to give a little info on what I look for in the brushes and individual knots that I purchase I...
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    Paladins Silk Road is an excellent shave soap

    I have been enjoying my first Paladin soap Natchez Trace and have been using it fairly regularly at lest twice a week, i decided that I wanted another. So last week I purchased Silk Road. To start with the glass jar and labeling is top shelf, the scent (to me ii is a mix of flowery spices) is...
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