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  1. Tanuki

    SANAX sadness

    Not the best removal. Superglue and epoxy filler? Or admit defeat?
  2. Tanuki

    Tabac stick every day ... too much lather!!

    My usual soap rotation is swift. A different soap from the inventory calls to me each day. Lately, using my Tabac stick almost every day has 'bloomed' it. I keep trying to put less on my face, but every day I am flushing soap and lather at the end of the shave. I may end up just waving it...
  3. Tanuki

    How do you form your shaving biases?

    It might be random. This is taken from an article in scitechdaily dot com, an general interest level aggregator of published scientific research. Quote: “The act of making a choice changes how we feel about our options,” said co-author Alex Silver, a former Johns Hopkins undergraduate who’s now...
  4. Tanuki

    Blind edge test! Ugly razors, fine finishes.

    This is the thread for the four ugly razors honed to competing finishes by @SliceOfLife . It follows on to this closed B/S/T post - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/four-shave-ready-user-grade-straights-the-ugly-the-ugly-the-ugly-and-the-ugly.593988/ So, alerts to: @Dilbone...
  5. Tanuki

    Second re-knot: boar in a Solid Set

    My first re-knot was a ceramic handle. Knot removal was zero risk. This Solid Set is in great shape, barely used, probably because the knot quality was abysmal. Fine nylon (?) surrounded by a thin hedge of (possibly fake) badger. I had absolutely no qualms about throwing out a vintage knot in...
  6. Tanuki

    What soap would you buy if you didn't have so many?

    For me, probably Mitchell's Wool Fat. I have an empty Old Spice mug ready, but I'm staying strong. I also want a La Toja stick, but I'll probably get one in spite of having a full shelf of soap in the refrigerator, in addition to an overlarge active rotation. I'm a sucker for sticks. Lots of...
  7. Tanuki

    Stiff Gillette Fatboy doors

    I grabbed a Fatboy at a reasonable price while traveling. It was difficult/stiff at one point when opening/closing the doors, but I thought cleaning would solve that. Wrong. After cleaning, close inspection revealed the the door tabs overlap the safety bars, rather than smoothly fitting inside...
  8. Tanuki

    Shave hunt - on vintage safari 4700 miles

    Family business, I had to drive, might as well stop and hunt the wild razor at least once in a while. 3 weeks, 4700 miles, 11 western and midwestern states, this is what I found to buy: Cased: (7 items) > Gillette Cavalier New Improved (minus 1 blade case), gold, first purchase, blew me...
  9. Tanuki

    Origin of the shaving brush?

    I just pulled this from the B&B wiki article on the origin of the brush: The important datum, from my point of view, is that ladies’ shaving equipage included brushes in 1761, not long after the supposed introduction of the shaving brush by French barbers. My speculation is that sensible...
  10. Tanuki

    RazoRock triple milled line up - best scent? Vote!

    RazoRock’s current color coded triple milled soap line up made it to my den in stick form. After months of refrigerator storage, I just recently loaded them into twist-up tubes. These should be the same soaps/scents as the puck format, so either way, cast your vote for your favorite scent!
  11. Tanuki

    Sunshine on the woodpile

    Finally some sun and 70s. Turning weather in my driveway outdoor shop! Black walnut / black badger stubby Pear wood / mistura ‘Barber handle’. Big knob on the bottom, so this knot better bloom.
  12. Tanuki

    Pandemic pricing!

    Winner, winner, turkey dinner! The 23lb turkey slowly roasting in my Weber kettle set me back about $4.50 at 19¢/lb. Not the $35 it was originally marked. You should have seen my good friend’s eyes widen when I sent her and her two husky, sheltering with the folks, mid-20s sons off to get one...
  13. Tanuki

    FS Brand new Wacker 5/8+ SRs, 7 day set break up

    6 brand new, unused Wacker razors for sale. I use and love ‘Saturday’ from this 7 day set, but I simply will not use 7 of the same razor often enough to justify a full set. It was a tough decision to sell these razors, but I’m a user, not a collector. I think I may keep a second razor, but we...
  14. Tanuki

    Best factory plating? New or vintage, vote now!

    What plating is your favorite? And why?
  15. Tanuki

    Cartridge razor Dad jokes

    They all start “Gillette sent me a free cartridge razor...” Groaners are perfectly welcome. These are Dad jokes.
  16. Tanuki

    What does “Like” mean to you?

    For me it might be: ”I want you to know I saw your post” (on a quiet thread, or among forum buddies) ”Thanks for posting the photo” (I truly like photos) ”I agree” (takes less space and time than ‘+1’) ”I respectfully disagree, but thanks for expressing your incorrect view clearly or...
  17. Tanuki

    FS PIF - 4 lots

    Not here! But everybody looks at BST, right? https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/pif-1000-posts.577208/
  18. Tanuki

    PIF - 1000 posts

    Listen up, people! This PIF is complicated. But, prizes, prizes, prizes!!! And CONUS shipping is covered, so it is definitely worth your time. I recently realized that I have been shooting my mouth off on B&B to the tune of 1000 posts. Plus I have a few items I might not use. (But all are...
  19. Tanuki

    Beall I-X collets + router bit extender = sweet brush handle turning

    I have been turning using a 1/2” router bit extender that is the perfect 12 buck collet chuck for my Beall I-X collets. I just happened to run into the bit extenders when looking for the right chuck to hold the Beall I-X. Looks like the are many price points, but the low end one I bought is...
  20. Tanuki

    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    I have been shaving too much (and chasing BBS way too much) throughout Slantember and OCtober. I resolve to not chase BBS again until Thanksgiving Day. Not even a fresh Feather or a new razor will tempt me. Well, I’ll be tempted, but my gentlemanly restraint will win the day. Pile in, post a...
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