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  1. Legacoid

    Proraso "super" formula: not sure if it's so super for me

    A while back I took a strong liking to the white and green Proraso tubs; when the new "super" formula became mainstream in the UK I ordered three new white tubs and started racing through my existing non-super tubs to get to them faster (!). Now I've been using the new formula for a couple of...
  2. Legacoid

    Finally got to try the Proraso trinity - very pleasantly surprised!

    I'm a face-lathering shaving stick user - mostly Tabac and Palmolive - but I got the classic Proraso triple soap pack (green, red and white) as an Xmas pressie and I've been using them since. I have to say I've been really impressed with them, especially the white/sensitive soap. At about the...
  3. Legacoid

    Caring for synthetic brushes

    I currently have one synthetic brush (RR Snowman) that sees use at least once per day. I use soap sticks and face lather, splaying the brush on my face, then rinse it thoroughly and give it a few good shakes to get most of the water out of it. It then goes straight into its holder - hanging...
  4. Legacoid

    In praise of Rockwell support

    A few weeks ago I got a Rockwell 6S and while I was over the moon about the shaves it delivers (very smooth and forgiving but still efficient) I had a hard time getting the blade alignment spot on. I used the recommended cap-down-and-stack loading technique that had worked so well with my Merkur...
  5. Legacoid

    Rockwell 6S - how much free play is normal?

    I've just had a brand new 6S delivered, and before using it for a shave I put on my reading glasses and did a test fit with a few blades and all the plates. While blade on cap alignment is pretty good, there seems to be a lot of free play between the cap and the baseplates. With the handle...
  6. Legacoid

    Why are shaves after more growth (seemingly) better?

    I've noted that when my routine gets disrupted and I have to wait longer than normal for my next shave (and thus have more growth), that next shave tends to feel particularly close. I've noted from various other posts that I'm not alone in this observation, and I'd like to hear some views on why...
  7. Legacoid

    Ever have one of those days?

    Stubbed a toe against the bathroom door just after getting out of bed. Grazed my baldy head against the car tailgate because I didn't allow enough time for it to raise to full height. Took the dogs for a run on the beach in typical windy west coast of Scotland conditions. The boy took a dump...
  8. Legacoid

    Your shaving stick end-of-life routine?

    No matter how tall and proud a shaving stick might be when it comes into the world, eventually it ends up being shorter than a small pile of coins. What do you when it reaches this sorry state? - Flush it down the loo after a short but moving eulogy, not realizing that it will shortly begin a...
  9. Legacoid

    Proraso white performance vs. green / red, any compromises?

    Looking at the ingredients of Proraso white (the sensitive formulation) I think it should be a good fit for me, but I've often found that "sensitive" equates to a less effective product. For those who've used the current formulations of the three Proraso soaps, have you found the white to be at...
  10. Legacoid

    If it ain't broke... two out of three ain't bad, grass is always greener etc.

    The above may be cliches but I've just realized I should have them tattooed on my forehead in bold and laterally inverted so that I can't fail to see them in the mirror each day when I'm shaving. I only converted to DE shaving a couple of months ago and by sheer luck discovered early on that I...
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