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Search results

  1. Kenno

    What were some of the myths/fibs and lies you tell your kids or were told yourself?

    I was told if I swallowed grape seeds the vines would grow out of my ears or if I stared into the wind cross-eyed I would stay cross-eyed. I believed them all! A friend of mine came up with a good one the other day and told his kids while in the shopping mall, "you see those cctv cameras, they...
  2. Kenno

    New Proraso pre/post.

    Let me start buy saying I do not use this as a pre, tried that once and from then on only used it as a post. I have used the pre/post for over 15 years as a post and found it great, added that little bit of cooling and moisture. The new one is nothing like the old one! Watery and soft in...
  3. Kenno

    Who's got or had the best singing voice?

    Feel free to talk about any style, rock, pop, opera or whatever. For me it was Pav, rip.
  4. Kenno

    Ever tried to fix something only to make it worse?

    Tried to change the gap on my lawnmowers spark plug as she wasn't starting and as I was checking for the spark she gave me the mother of shock/jolts that zapped me to the bone. The zap put me on me arse. I ended up snapping the end of the spark plug off, no lawnmowing that weekend.
  5. Kenno

    New Omega shave soap.

    Just tried it today and think for the price it's pretty good. Lather is thick, cushioning and very slick. Not much product is needed to build a great lather and provides good moisturizing after the shave is done. Scent is very hard to describe but I can say it is very mild and pleasant. I...
  6. Kenno

    Best sports team outfit/jersey.

    I like Inter Milan's home jersey,
  7. Kenno

    Soaking your brush.

    For a great lather try soaking your brush for at least 10 mins, 2-3min or a quick run under the tap just ain't enough. Then follow Jim's great tutorial and load your brush for 40-60 sec for a 3 pass shave. A good soak has really changed my lather n shaves for the better.
  8. Kenno

    The Bourne Legacy

    I really like this film and thought it was the best Bourne yet, no need for that brat Matt Damon. Damon's a good actor and it's great that the Bourne films can go on without him but he's got a face that belongs in a rich university. Renner does a great job and fits the role really well. Well...
  9. Kenno

    Cops and tattoos.

    I don't really mind but does the general public want to see them? I've seen on tv cops in the US visibly show them but here in oz visible tatts on cops have just been banned.
  10. Kenno

    Ever been that guy?

    That guy that brought traffic to a halt, accidently turned off the power to your street, your fireworks burnt down the city or made a goof or himself somewhere? My cousin after filling himself up with beer thought he would take the shortcut home at night around the back of a bowling club and...
  11. Kenno

    My favorite Proraso is just a shadow of its former self.

    Proraso used to be the underdog that could take on all comers and win 95% of the time, 100% of the time in summer!The only soaps/creams in my 20 or so arsenal that could beat it by a small margin are MWF and SMN. Proraso used to stand out from the crowd with its great refreshing, cooling and...
  12. Kenno

    I have a theory why people buy the cars they do.

    It's based on the shape of the back of their head. You know how people buy dogs that look like them, well they also buy cars that look like the back of their head. If the back of their head is squareish then they drive hummers or Ford Taurus and Escapes or BMW's, oval, Porsche or Mazda6...
  13. Kenno

    Apple, creating the biggest bludgers for society?

    Apple has with the Iphone made billions but has also cost the world billions in lost productivty! Mate every bludger in Australia has one and the first chance they get when the boss is not around is to pull it out and go hell for leather, almost like an addiction. Social media, games...
  14. Kenno

    HDD v DVD

    What do you gents think is the better way to store movies for 20+ years? When I say DVD I mean the better quality ones.
  15. Kenno

    Senna, the movie.

    Just saw this on the weekend, awesome film/story about a great man and driver. Didn't really know just how good a driver he was and the politics he had to face throughout his career. For all you racing fans be it whatever type of racing do yourself a favour and see this film to get an...
  16. Kenno

    If you like X then you might also like X?

    So gents post some of your fragrances that are in close range or within the ball park of one another. So if you like this fragrance you might also like this one too? I like Kouros, have used it for years and have recently come across Mazzolari Lui which is a wilder version of Korous, so...
  17. Kenno

    Rise of the Planet of the apes.

    I've seen the shorts and it looks like this could be a great film? Some of the reviews have been very positive. Look like a good cast, I just hope the CGI is good. Can't wait.
  18. Kenno

    Shaving in the westerns.

    Everytime I watch a western those cowboys come out so clean shaven and looking like they just had the best shave ever. Anyone know what soap or lather they were using in those days? I know the movies were made in the fifties and sixties so what soap were John Wayne and the likes using or the...
  19. Kenno

    Being Human US version.

    Man i'm starting to love this show. In Oz it just started showing and I reckon it's heaps better than supernatural and that silly vampire diaries and teen wolf.
  20. Kenno

    I double dipped for a good lather.

    I 've tried many ways to lather but the double dipp (2 soaks/dunks) is me fave. Soak your brush in warm/hot water, flick it 2-3 times, load your soap for 10-15 sec, dunk the whole brush (hairs) in a sink of warm/hot water, flick it 2-3 times, load the brush again for 20 seconds or so, wet...
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