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    Travel strop.

    Looks actually very comfortable to use. Fine work!
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    How did you end up straight shavin?

    Got tired of rebuying electric shavers as they broke or stopped working. Never paid much attention to get a close shave, always left some small stubble on my neck because I didn't really care, that and I got alot of ingrown hairs. If I had something to just swipe the whiskers to get a socially...
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    Doubting the straight razor shave.

    Probably could, but where are you located? I live in Japan and shipping expenses could end up being very expensive. Make a post in the honing section and you could probably find someone living closer to you to give you an edge you are looking for.
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    Doubting the straight razor shave.

    I hone my own straights and get sharper and more comfortable shaves than DE shaves. A straight razor edge has a lower bevel angle than a DE blade for the most part, so sharper is a given, the rest is a precision bevel and a refined edge. Is it so hard to believe that you can get something...
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    Toilet paper

    Do you use an alum block to get a better grip? Just abit of alum on the razor can discolor it.
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    Progression upgrade????

    I would say that there are more of the "right" jnats than there are coticules though, a hard jnat from a reputable seller is not a gamble. An adaptable stone can be very nice, just something to take in consideration. No voodoo, just make a slurry and hone. I do understand the know what you buy...
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    Thumb nail test question

    Checking for a bevel would be more like place the razor at a 45 degree angle on your thumb nail and see if it grabs. But checking for a damaged edge or a good edge on your thumb nail (shaveable edge) would be to place it straight down on your thumb (90 degrees) and drag it lightly over the side...
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    How can i get closer shave on my chin without going against the grain

    Do you hone your own razors? Or did they get honed by someone who uses a straight on a regular basis? (One must shave with a straight in order to know what an edge must have) I have sensitive skin and wiry beard, always got ingrown hairs from my electric shavers. But once I got honing down to my...
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    Convex combo 8x3 Ark from Jarrod, arrived.

    That is my experience aswell a hard nagura slurry on a hard jnat takes more time to break down. But I feel like I can take the edge further on that slurry than on a softer nagura slurry, can almost feel no suction even when that slurry breaks down to almost only water. Would almost say that the...
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    After shaving with a straight razor for a year at least. Would you ever go back to DE shaving

    I'd like very much to know if I could make my DE shaves better. I was using a gillette slim with a astra blade in it first but was horrible ATG so swapped to a feather but was almost exactly the same. Have tried a shave with it after that experience out of curiosity but was about the same so i...
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    After shaving with a straight razor for a year at least. Would you ever go back to DE shaving

    I had never used a DE before I started using a straight, jumped straight in from electric shavers and disposables. I have a DE which mawashi pifed me, at the time that DE gave me smoother and better shaves, was still learning honing(although technically I'm still learning) at the time so that is...
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    Honing not working

    God. And he didn't even dilute the milk.
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    Is Neatsfoot the Only Oil Suitable for a Strop?

    How much wax do you use to the beef tallow?
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    Made a New Strop and it's a BEAST! (IMHO)

    In what way do you feel like beeswax helps? Mostly for increasing draw? Or decreasing?
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    Kamisori Blade Maker Identification

    The text is abit blurred and hard to make out the characters. Even if I can make the characters out, I'm quite bad at history of kamisoris. But I'll give it a shot if you can snap another picture of the characters :302:
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    Is There a Modern Synthetic Razor Hone That Can Be Used With Oil?

    Shapton says that their glass stones can be used with oil, but can not be used with water once used with oil.
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    What to look for in magnification

    I have used 60x-120x magnification, it is alright I guess but takes alot of time to inspect the whole edge because of its magnification. I used to use it when I feel something wrong with an edge which are usually microchips, these chips that I can see clearly under 120x I can also see as small...
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    Edge characteristics of different honing materials.

    As alot of natural stones are flexible it is hard to say that "this stone" gives "that edge", the results are endless, with different slurry, how much you dilute the slurry or break it down and how it works with the steel in question. it's more about getting to know your stone and razor and tune...