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  1. npinn001

    Satin or chrome Futur, what finish do people prefer?

    Just wondered generally whether people prefer the chrome finish as with nearly all Merkurs, or if people prefer the brushed satin finish? Just interesting i thought.....
  2. npinn001


    Hi All, Here is a quick introduction to you all as i will no doubt require the help of you folks as I venture from DE to Straights. I have been DE shaving for between 18 months and 2 years, and can get a superb shave with minimum fuss. When i started out it was a 30 minutes to get a good...
  3. npinn001

    Favourite/Best brush to face lather with?

    Folks, I discovered face lathering last night, and dont think i'll ever go back to the bowl. Which is a shame given the nice scuttle i have :001_rolle I'm interested what brushes people think are the best for this technique, but i would ike to know the answer EXCLUDING ROONEY Brushes. This...
  4. npinn001

    Thumbs up for Traditional Shaving Co

    Big thumbs up for Matthew and his Traditional Shaving company, found at This site Fast delivery, good prices and really well presented and wrapped goods. Recommended.
  5. npinn001

    Storing a Tabac Soap puck long term

    At present i have the option of buying Tabac soap puck refil, or buying the soap in the glass bowl again for not much more (i already have the glass bowl with the soap, just stocking up). So should i buy the soap in the bowl, i figure i can take the puck out and store it, and use the glass...
  6. npinn001

    Omega Boar v Semogue Boar

    Whats the verdict folks? Cheers
  7. npinn001

    Anyone tried the goldennib english knots?

    May have been asked before, but im looking at one of Tonys brushes with either one of his finest hari knots, or one of the english knots. What do people know about the differences? Cheers
  8. npinn001

    Simpsons/any new brush advice please!

    I would like some help from you knowledgeable folk, who may have seen/used these brushes before, to help me choose for my next brush. 1. I currently own a Duke 3 in Best, and a Semogue 1305 Boar 2. Im a cream fan converting to soap. Getting to grips with lathering Truefitt and Hill soap...
  9. npinn001

    Shelf life of Blades

    Hey guys, Just wondered if you were a hoarder of blades, how long you could expect them to last on a shelf, in cardboard box but not sealed by film? Would they shave as well after 20 years?
  10. npinn001

    British Hall - great new vendor with discounts

    I came across this new vendor and have been dealing with them for a month or so now, and have placed several orders all of which were promptly delivered. :thumbup: They strive to offer the best of British goods at a fair price and great service. All my orders have been complete with great...
  11. npinn001

    Opinion Poll - Progress v Mergress

    Wondered what peoples opinions are on these two razors now that the mergress has become quite popular. What gives you the better shaves, has the best balance etc. Forget the mechanical changes or the looks, which has a better feel. WOULD LIKE IT TO BE THOSE WHO HAVE USED BOTH, NOT ONE OR...
  12. npinn001

    Shaving Everyday

    Do you folks shave every day, or do you give yourself days off?
  13. npinn001

    Harris scent advice

    Hi folks, i have bought the Marlborough shave cream, and i love it. I use TOBS avocado, TOBS Almond, and TOBS Rose aswell. I use the Harris aftershave milk too. I was thinking of getting the Arlington Cream and Arlington Milk.....what do you guys think of the scent and do you think it fits in...
  14. npinn001

    B&B Essential Question

    This brush is great, fantastic lather, but the other brushes i have a silvertips, and very very soft. Im finding the brush to be slightly prickly in comparison. Does it soften up at all in peoples experience?
  15. npinn001

    length of handle on #66 or #58

    Hi, Anyone know the handle length on these? Cheers
  16. npinn001

    Whats a #21 like to use?

    What are these #21 razors like to use, and build wise. I have a #66, is it anything like this? Is it worth getting in addition? Cheers
  17. npinn001

    Bad razor from someone on B&B

    I just want peoples opinions here. I bought a razor from someone on here who does seem to sell alot of high end razors. It was a private transaction, i had asked if he had any of this model, he did, and set me a price that while on the higher end for a super adjustable (gold), the price tag...
  18. npinn001

    Alternative to Trumpers Skinfood?

    This may have been asked before.....though im not asking what aftershave balm is best. Basically, i use proraso, however i have some sample of skinfood and have been using this on top as a sealant. I really like it, but it is pricey. Now, im happy with pricey if it works, but just wanted...
  19. npinn001

    A 34C to Super Adjustable question

    I love my Super adjustables.....long and short handled. I used a red tip, found the handle to be fine, but just didnt get on with it. Im looking to pick up a 34C, however am just wondering about the 38C at the same time, and whether that would be better or not. I understand YMMV, im just...
  20. npinn001

    Shave Clinic pre shave products question

    Hi all, I have a question regarding pre shave products out there, maybe i will cover them below, but if there are any others i have not covered please recommend away, as im hinting to feed my AD's. Currently i usemusgo lyme glyce soap, in the shower, to wash my face. It does a good job...
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