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  1. mantic

    Took A Little Side Trip in NY

    Dang...he does kinda look like me, doesn't he? :blink:
  2. mantic

    Would P&G sell TAOS?

    He sold AOS to P&G.
  3. mantic

    Would P&G sell TAOS?

    My bet is they'll be sold within a year. If eShave buys 'em it would be a case of shaving Schadenfreude :001_cool:
  4. mantic

    Who got a "Goose?

    I just might do that if there's enough interest for one.
  5. mantic

    Who got a "Goose?

    Got my 'goose a couple days ago and used it for the first time this morning, with a Feather Pro blade. A very good shave, though not BBS yet: the wider blade and a different blade angle compared to what I'm used to (Merkur Progress w/Polsilver blade) will take some adjustment. But a gorgeous...
  6. mantic

    castle forbes reduced price at royal shave

    That's a great price for CF. :thumbup1:
  7. mantic

    choosing new adjustable

    Another vote for the Progress... :)
  8. mantic

    Best Bang For The Buck Shaving Subscriptions?

    I'm starting to see more shaving subscriptions popping up--Wet Shave Club, Luxury Barber, Bespoke Post, etc. Not to mention Dollar Shave Club, Harry's, 800razors, etc. Which do you think offer the best value? Why?
  9. mantic

    Doctor Who - Warning, Spoilers!

    Relevant, Peter Capaldi video's a sweet response to a 9 year old autistic boy about dealing with death:
  10. mantic

    Village Barber Shaving Balm

    The balm is very good, especially if you have dry skin or live in a low humidity area.
  11. mantic

    How do you film yourself shaving? or doing an instructional video?

    As a matter of fact I'm working on a post and Youtube video about 'how to make a shaving video' :001_smile Preview: A "professional" setup isn't necessary (just look at some of my earlier vids! And I've seen several people successfully pull off a vid with a smartphone or tablet) but there are a...
  12. mantic

    lucky tiger liquid shave?

    I like LT's shaving cream (indeed, most of the LT line) quite a bit--I use it when I'm in a hurry. It's brushless but will work with a brush. Unlike Tony's experience I find the cushion fine and the lubrication better than a lot of other brushless creams. I find the scent one of those...
  13. mantic

    So you're supposed to hold the brush by the bristles?

    Thanks, I'll wander over there... :001_smile
  14. mantic

    So you're supposed to hold the brush by the bristles?

    Or you could just ask me about it. :001_smile You certainly don't have to do it that way but there are several reasons to give it a try. As alex2363 says it can keep the bristles a little stiffer for better control if you have a high-loft or floppy brush. But the main reason I do it is for...
  15. mantic

    Sensitivity/Razor Burn on Under-chin and Neck

    Here is a video that might help:
  16. mantic

    An unconventional way to get BBS on the neck

    Ha, as a matter of fact I'm working on a neck-shaving video right now and bullfrogging is part of it.
  17. mantic


    Bevel tried that for a short time as an experiment but the price was unacceptable to most people so they quit doing it. The price for the entire kit is a pretty good deal though (IMO). You just have to remember to "pause" the subscription or they'll keep sending you refills of the blades and...
  18. mantic


    As a follow up to this discussion I would like to mention that the Bevel razor has earned a place in my "short rotation" (though I don't think anything will break me of my Merkur Progress habit). The razor head is well designed and relatively mild so it pairs well with high performance blades...
  19. mantic

    What's trending on B&B?

    As a matter of fact I'm in the bathroom studio again, making new videos! :001_cool:
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