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  1. HiPowerRon

    All Tabac Tuesday

    Maybe I just started myself a new tradition. Today i used Tabac bar soap, Tabac shower gel, Tabac deodorant, Tabac shaving soap, Tabac aftershave and Tabac Cologne. I forgot to mix in the Tabac shaving cream with the soap to make a super lather!! love Tabac!!
  2. HiPowerRon

    FS Simpsons brushes

    Simpsons Chubby 2 super badger $150.00 Simpsons Chubby 2 best badger $110.00 Simpsons Chubby 1 super badger $125.00 Simpsons Chubby 1 best badger $$80.00 Simpsons 57 best badger $80.00 will ship anywhere in CONUS
  3. HiPowerRon

    Another Thater?

    H have a Thater 26 mm 2 band brush with a bulb knot. This brush is everything I want in a brush, except now I want another one to go along with it. I guess it's a case of just wanting more of a good thing. I'm concerned that a 3 band silvertip, even in a bulb knot may not have the backbone I'm...
  4. HiPowerRon

    Simpsons best and super badgers.

    I have two Chubby 1 Simpsons, one in best and one in super. Both are extremely soft on the face and I have a hard time telling them apart when lathering. Today I was looking at them more closely thinking maybe I only need one of them, and selling the other. The brush with best hair has lighter...
  5. HiPowerRon

    New Thater, This might be the 'one'!

    I used my new Thater brush for the first time today and was very pleased with it. It's a 4125/2 two band 26 mm bulb knot. I've been searching for a brush with the backbone I want with nice soft tips. All I can say it this brush delivered. I've been experimenting with boar and synthetics, and...
  6. HiPowerRon

    R41 and a tale of two blades.

    I'm still experimenting with my Muhle R41 using different blades. Last week I used a Voskhod blade with 3 days growth. !st pass was not smooth. It felt like the blade was pulling and I almost discarded it, but I kept going for two more passes. After the 1st pass, most of the beard was gone...
  7. HiPowerRon

    Which blade for new R41

    Received my new Muhle R41 today and will use it tomorrow for the first time. My question, since it's reputed to be very aggressive, which blade should I use: Derby, Personna or Feather? I also have Astras, 7 O'clocks and Polsilvers to name a few. I've been think of using the Derby as it's not...
  8. HiPowerRon

    Personna Med Preps

    I just used a Med Prep for the 5th shave today. After hearing so much about them I had to give them a try so I bought 10 blades off ebay. I got a nice close shave today, but to me this blade is not that smooth. On my face the Labs and Reds seem much smoother I'll use up my supply and my...
  9. HiPowerRon

    First use of a Nacet

    This morning I used a Gillette Nacet for the first time. I lathered up with Fine American Blend soap and used an Edwin Jagger DE89 for the blade. I had three days growth and the Nacet was exceptional. I now know why it has such a good reputation. I really didn't need a third pass but did it...
  10. HiPowerRon

    SOC Badger

    I just ordered this brush for less than $60 thinking it was a great deal on a Two Band Silvertip brush by a reputable company. Since ordering it, I've read some reviewers say that it is not silvertip, but closer to a Simpsons best hair? I already have a den full of Simpsons brushes and do not...
  11. HiPowerRon


    My wife says I'm 'excessive compulsive' and I guess she might be right. I love Tabac so much that I now have: Soap bowl Soap Stick Cream tube Aftershave lotion Aftershave Balm Deodorant on order Bath/shower gel on order So what am I missing, other than the bar soap? Obviously I love the scent...
  12. HiPowerRon

    Summer Creams?

    I have some creams that I put away for the winter. TOBS Grapefruit, DR Harris Eurcalyptus and Stirling Orange Chill soap for instance. Does anyone else in the Northern areas where we get cold weather and snow do this? I'm wondering if others enjoy the citrusy scents year around.
  13. HiPowerRon

    Is Haslingers soap the best?

    If scent is not a consideration, I really haven't used a soap that is as easy to lather and has the same protection as Haslingers. Doesn't matter what 'scent' I use, they all seem to perform just as good as Schafmilch for me. Tabac and Cella might be a close second, and MWF might have a nicer...
  14. HiPowerRon

    My wife loves Bay Rum

    I have lots of aftershaves, but the only time my wife comments on my scent is when I'm wearing a Bay Rum. She tells me to ditch the drug store aftershaves like Clubman, Old Spice and Aqua Velva among others. Problem is, I like to wear different scents quite often. Does your wife have a favorite...
  15. HiPowerRon

    New Parker Variant

    I treated myself to a new Parker Variant during a black Friday sale. Received it yesterday and I'm ready to try it out with a Wilkinson Sword blade. It's a nice looking brush, but the head is much larger than expected. I've been using a '62 Gillette Slim and compared to the Variant the Slim...
  16. HiPowerRon

    Semogue 830 ordered

    As the owner of 11 Simpsons brushes in both best and super badger I ordered my first Boar brush. I chose the Semogue 830 to see why so many guys like them. Here's hoping that I find it superior for lathering hard soaps! I just received it today and will use it tomorrow.
  17. HiPowerRon

    Simpsons Sandalwood cream, gone bad

    This morning I used my Simpsons Sandalwood cream that I've had less than a year. I've only used it a few time and enjoyed it. It had a nice sandalwood scent and I got a nice bbs shave. This morning it smelled like an ashtray. I had my wife sniff it and she said to throw it away. I hate to throw...
  18. HiPowerRon

    The problem with MWF

    For the past week I've been using Mitchell's Wool Fat exclusively and an unanticipated problem has developed: I don't want to use anything else! I have lots of other soaps and expensive creams, but the protection, glide and post-shave feel I get when using MWF is simply on another level. Maybe...
  19. HiPowerRon

    Simpsons Colonel

    Since I started using Simpsons brushes, I purchased Chubbies and Dukes and in both best and super badger. I now have 10 Simpsons and do not see myself aquiring more! The thing is, the least expensive of them all is the Colonel X2L. I've always wondered what the reason for this was, and I've...
  20. HiPowerRon

    Shaving with a head cold

    I was reading the ingredients of a chest rub cold medicine and saw eucalyptus as an ingredient. That gave me and idea. I broke out my D.R. Harris Eucalyptus cream and Proraso green soap and mixed up a nice lather. Really seemed to open my nasal passages. Then I used Proraso green aftershave balm...