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  1. LightShave

    Recommendations: Lightshave.

    I'm on the hunt for a new DE razor and would love some recommendations! My facial hair is impossibly coarse like copper wire and yet I still have somewhat sensitive skin. Troublesome areas are chin and neck. If I opt out of a 3 pass I have stubble by 5pm. I own a DE89 and am somewhat practiced...
  2. LightShave

    Aftershave balm, Help!

    Good afternoon gentlemen, I'm looking for a natural aftershave balm that is fragrance free. I've tried Aloe gel which has a small drop of glycerin but it didn't really feel like it was heavy enough of a moisturiser and dried to a thin film which needed re-wetting. I've used thayers which is...
  3. LightShave

    The great blade vote!

    It's as simple as the title says. Lots of members are very interested in the sharpness and smoothness of blades. The rules are simple. Vote for the blade you think is the sharpest and smoothest. Every member gets one vote in the comments. Votes: 61/65,350 #1 Feather: 19 #2 Gillette Silver...
  4. LightShave

    A year with TOBS

    Good afternoon gentlemen, I've somehow managed to make a tub of Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood last an entire year! This soap has legendary status with most wet shavers and I can't really work out why?! For a product clearly labelled as sandalwood that's the smell I was expecting. It...
  5. LightShave

    Derby Extra vs Derby Extra

    Good afternoon gentlemen, I've seen a post discussing the various packaging on Derby Extra blades but couldn't see a conclusive answer. I have 2 different packets of Derby Extra here. One with horizontal writing that does not say super stainless chromium-ceramic platinum yadda yadda. I also...
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