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  1. DE Steve

    Back to the Merkur Progress

    I've posted in numerous threads here how I switched from a Merkur Progress daily shaver to a Gillette Heritage over a year ago, and used the Heritage daily since. After reading some of the praise for the Progress in various threads here, I decided to get out the Progress and try it again. I...
  2. DE Steve

    Cheap Caps on 400 ml Proraso Bottles (Red & Green)

    Anyone notice how Proraso cheapened the caps on recent 400 ml bottles? I have the old and new. The old caps are made of a hard, sturdy plastic and have a nylon insert inside that seals the bottle opening. They work really well. The new bottles have a cheap flexible cap that will seem like you...
  3. DE Steve

    Dunhill is back

    Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S acquires premium pipe tobacco brands From Pipes Magazine Forums: UPDATE: Announced July 3rd. STG has acquired Dunhill pipe tobacco brands. Leonard Wortzel at STG said they have the rights to all the brand names such as nightcap or 965 as well as the tin art...
  4. DE Steve

    Cigar Aficiondo Magazine Forums is shutting down

    The long time Cigar Aficionado magazine forums is shutting down. Last day is this Friday, June 28th. Going to be missed. I posted this forum link over there as a new forum for cigar smokers.
  5. DE Steve

    Suntory Whisky - Toki

    Awesome Japanese Whisky. Priced right too.
  6. DE Steve

    Vitalis users...

    How do you apply it (Vitalis) to your hair? Do you put it on your hands first then apply to your hair? Or do you put it directly on your scalp and massage it in? I ask this because when I was young, I remember my barber pouring it directly on my head while holding his hand on my forehead so...
  7. DE Steve

    One shaver, one razor blade brand, one shave cream and one after shave.

    I'll start: Merkur Progress Astra SP Proraso Green (TOBS Eaton College a close 2nd) Proraso Green (English Leather a close 2nd)
  8. DE Steve

    What 'tubs' of tobacco do you regularly smoke?

    I'll start: Carter Hall (14 oz tub) Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic (12 oz tub) Lane Limited Ready Rubbed (14 oz tub)
  9. DE Steve

    Been smoking a lot of Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic lately

    Really like this blend, almost habit forming. And I don't usually like aromatics. Lately I reach for it every time. I have to remind myself I have other tobacco blends to smoke, lots of English mostly. Smoked through three quarters of a tub in a month or so. Virginia, Burley and an imported...
  10. DE Steve

    Prince Albert is being discontinued

    Just as the title says, Prince Albert is being discontinued. A pretty good mild smoke although I prefer Carter Hall or Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic. Prince Albert is Being Discontinued :: Pipe Tobacco Discussion :: Pipe Smokers Forums As said below, this may be mis-information.
  11. DE Steve

    Merkur blades...

    I can't believe how long I've ignored these blades because of posts here. Been using the blades in my Merkur 34c for the past month and they are without a doubt, the best blade I've ever used. And I've tried em all. Was a die-hard Astra SP fan for the past couple years. Now I'm starting to...
  12. DE Steve

    Watched a Playboy Magazine documentary on Hugh Hefner...

    ...and he smoked Mixture 79 in Dunhill pipes that had the white dot replaced with the Playboy bunny logo. And he lived to 91.
  13. DE Steve

    Favorite OTC Tobacco - Carter Hall, Prince Albert, Lane Limited Ready Rubbed, or something else?

    What is you favorite OTC Tobacco - Carter Hall, Prince Albert, Lane Limited Ready Rubbed, or something else? I'll start: Carter Hall
  14. DE Steve

    Are Dunhill Elizabethan and Escudo Similar?

    Ok, I'm thinking about when Dunhill Elizabethan is no-longer available. Don't have both right now but while smoking Dunhill Elizabethan I can't help but think it's almost exactly like Escudo. (...I prefer the DE ribbon cut over the coins though.) Yes / No ?
  15. DE Steve

    Pipe Engineering - Short stem pipes will smoke hot

    Short stem pipes will smoke hot because your mouth is closer to the heat source. Look at the classic designs and you'll never see short shank / stem pipes. Just saying..
  16. DE Steve

    Your favorite tobacco cut

    I'll start; Ribbon It's easy and burns well.
  17. DE Steve

    Looks like Dana English Leather Aftershave is no-longer available....

    My favorite aftershave...looks like it's gone.
  18. DE Steve

    How long have you smoked a pipe?

    How long have you smoked a pipe? I'll start, on and off for 40+ years.
  19. DE Steve

    How many pipes do you have?

    I'll start, 6. All good pipes, a Stanwell, 2 Savinelli's, 1 Peterson, 1 Comoy's and a Pascal Piazzolla.
  20. DE Steve

    RIP José O. Padrón

    RIP José. At 91 you had a good run....and made some of the best cigars on earth.
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