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  1. patrisVII

    Unbuntu plunge

    One of our computers is dying and rather than buy another Mac (basically a $1K minimum option) I was thinking of buying a relatively cheap Windows laptop and loading Unbuntu. My main concern is compatibility with an Apple Airport network and third party apps; soft, hard and web. Any users...
  2. patrisVII

    To funny to be true

    So I was in a weekly briefing on Wednesday. A new customer requested test cycle is being scheduled for about a year and a half from now. The acronym for the test is EICO (something like Emplacement and Interface Check Out). It is broken down into segments and the segments were presented on the...
  3. patrisVII


    Troubled Assets Relief Program TARP That's the acronym of the major portion of the Senate Bailout plan. In the spirit of support for this much needed rescue plan I submit some alternate, more preciese and appropriate titles for your consideration: - Securities and Held Assets Funds...
  4. patrisVII

    Virtual Barbershop

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but put the headphones on and take a listen. getting your hair cut - virtually
  5. patrisVII

    This IS Wonder Woman!

    Megan Gale has officially been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League movie. I had never seen or even heard of her before (apparently she is an Australian who has made it big as a TV add model in Italy.) I watched this interview the other day and .....well just see for yourself...
  6. patrisVII

    I think I'm brushless

    My badger brush broke a few weeks ago. I already had been using Molle a few times a week and it frankly gives the best shaves of my lot (Taylor's Rose, Musgo and Proraso). I have been debating the acquisition of another brush initially due to cost, but now having tried the other creams...
  7. patrisVII


    Roman Oscar Brenner arrived two days early on September 11th 2007 at 5:16 PM. He beat out his next biggest sister for the heavyweight title by 3 oz. coming in at a svelte 10 lbs. 14.5 oz. Mom's ready to come home, but the little dude has to stay another day or two to get his lungs in shape...
  8. patrisVII

    one more 'favorite' list

    OK no one else has started it, so I be the fist to go for the obvious guy best/greatest/favorite list: the top five loveliest women celebrities. Rachael Leigh Cook here Kate Winslet here Kristin Davis here Stacey Dash here Lucy Griffiths here Links not required, but I don't know of any...
  9. patrisVII

    I just found out I am a Method shaver......

    More or less. I was reading through the sticky on Method shaving and one post spoke of the following- Thin and wet on the first pass, thicker and more lubricating on the subsequent passes. I have been doing just that. I lather Proraso on my face (my brush soaked in just off the boil...
  10. patrisVII

    Anyone else shave your neck like this?

    I found very early on (back in the Trac II days) that the typical lifting the chin/tilting the head back to stretch the neck skin did not work for me. It actually makes my hair recede in to the skin. For me doing effectively the opposite is required to make my stubble stand up from the skin...
  11. patrisVII

    A honest to goodness Delbert e-mail

    This an actual excerpt from an email I just received: I am pleased to announce effective immediately, Mission Ownership and Analysis Directorate is now: Whole Life Engineering Directorate (WLE Directorate) The WLE Directorate is the IDS Engineering component dedicated to providing...
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