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  1. ohyousooners

    Your Favorite Soap Commander Scent?

    What's your favorite Soap Commander scent? Pick One! Thanks!
  2. ohyousooners

    $2 or less Shaving Foam - Barbasol, Gillette, Nivea, & Equate

    I recently did my own "tournament style" test of several $2 or less Shaving Foams. There was very little difference between all eight contenders. There were a few that performed a tad better than others, but the most noticeable difference was in the fragrances. The densest foams came from the...
  3. ohyousooners

    PIF with a FUN GAME! - Win the game to win the PIF!

    This is a simple soap & cream PIF with a FUN twist! Win the game to win the PIF! :w00t: PIF includes: Palmolive stick (new), Arko stick (new), Williams puck (new), Anthony Logistics cream (new), Stirling Coconut puck sample (new), Wet Shave Obsession puck (75%), and Arko cream (75%). TO...
  4. ohyousooners

    Mixing Hair Styling Products?

    Have you ever mixed hair styling products to achieve a desired effect? If so, what's your recipe, and how did it work? Today after showering I towel dried my hair, rubbed in a two-pea-sized dab of Brylcreem, and then added a quarter sized glob of La Bella hair gel. It came out pretty nice. I...
  5. ohyousooners

    Washing hands with shaving cream?

    I LOVE the fragrance of Proraso Red. I also find the scent very long lasting on my skin. In addition to shaving with it, I'll occasionally take a micro-snurdle of the cream and wash my hands with it. While reading or working at my computer, I'll catch lovely whiffs of that Proraso Red goodness...
  6. ohyousooners

    25% off Coupon Code at Walgreens - CHARM25

    CHARM25 - "For Beauty and Personal Care Products" - www.walgreens.com I used it to buy some of the outstanding Nivea Sensitive Shave Cream and a couple Pinaud aftershaves. You can also get free shipping when your order hits the $25 mark...
  7. ohyousooners

    Frankenrazor Favorite!

    My Frankenrazor has become one of my favorites! Benefits: 1) The smoothness/comfort of a Gillette Tech, 2) The girth of a fat handle, 3) The weight of a ball handle, and, 4) a zero slip soft grip. Here's my recipe... - 1966 Gillette Travel Tech head - RIMEI grip (hollow with screw-in end cap)...
  8. ohyousooners

    Proraso dethroned! The new king of creams is Nivea! Wow, this stuff is slick!

    Long time favorite Proraso Green will always be in my rotation, but a new favorite cream has emerged... Nivea Sensitive Shaving Cream is outstanding! The slickness is that of the better tallow soaps. The fragrance is top notch too. Locally, I can find it at Rite Aid for $4.29. And, I can...
  9. ohyousooners

    Can a Soap Lather be TOO Slick?

    I've been enjoying several Stirling soap samples. No doubt it's top tier stuff. Of everything I've tried, it's hands down the slickest! However, I'm wondering, can a soap be to too slick? Sometimes in seems like the blade moves so very easily that it's just sliding right over the whiskers...
  10. ohyousooners

    Pick One for Me! - HTGAM Synergy Soap

    Gonna order a Synergy Soap from HTGAM. I've narrowed my choices down to three. Please help me choose by picking your favorite of these three. Thanks! :biggrin1: Bay Rum - The Beach - Cavendish (Poll Above)
  11. ohyousooners

    How were YOU converted?

    As a sister thread to "How many have you converted?", lets share our own stories of how we were converted. My conversion story: I was a 43 year old long time cart and canned foam shaver. I hated shaving and knew jack about how to shave well. If I could get away with it, I would run around with...
  12. ohyousooners

    Everyday, Single Pass, Cold

    My journey into DE shaving is about 18 months old now. And, I'm never going back to the drudgery of cart shaving and canned foam. I've browsed the boards, learned, experimented, and come up with some techniques that work well for me. I've settled down into an every-other-day rhythm of hot...
  13. ohyousooners

    What's the "Out of Left Field" product in your shave den?

    So what's the "Out of Left Field" product in your shave den? You know... that obscure, "under the radar", underrated, or not-too-talked about item that really surprises you with its performance? For me it's the Anthony Logistics Shave Cream. It's super slick, and I love to add it to my soaps...
  14. ohyousooners

    ohyousooners's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry What is your real name? Doug What are your nicknames/aliases? ohyousooners Where do you live? Pittsburgh What is your age (or) generation? 43 What are you in the real world? College Pastor What is your favorite shave setup? My newbie set up is a 1973 Gillette...
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