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    discovering the right DE bade for me ... and maybe more

    Howdy folks, A generous soul on this forum sent me through a PIF 13 different blades so I will go ahead and test them all and will use this thread to keep track of my result. My current set up is below and I will try to keep it similar for the whole experience Prep : warm shower / Bulldog...
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    DSC shave cream on clearance at Walgreens

    Probably not something that will get much people excited but I have used this for 2 years before joining the forum with great success and at $.70 a pop I impulsed bought it ... oh well I am sure I'll be able to gift it to someone at next year white elephant xmas party if such a thing can exist
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    CVS Clearance :PURE by Gillette Shaving Cream for Men

    I have been playing with the idea of picking up one of those for a little while, got it on clearance at my local CVS in the Tx Hill Country for $2.17. There was other items on clearance as well. My local grocery store HEB also had it on sale for $4.69.
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    picture test

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    Shave 2 and counting

    Howdy folks, I have been a DSC user for the last 3 or 4 years, blade and "shave butter" and have been happy with the result. Fairly sensitive skin and easy to shave growth. A couple of month ago I stopped my subscription, too many blade pilling up ... and forgot to pay attention I was running...
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