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  1. Mandrake

    Leather Flight jackets....

    I have been browsing this subforum and was surprised not finding any references to these classics... This weekend I was visiting my brother and he gave me an Eastman A2, he has other styles, but this is simply...perfect: Any other fans here of these beauties? Regards
  2. Mandrake

    Le Grelot Hospital, what do you think?

    I received this yesterday, I´ll put vendor's pics until I can shoot some new ones: Marks are: "363 5/8" and "LE GRELOT - P.HOSPITAL & Co - THIERS - FRANCE", and on the blade it has stamped: "Forge a la main - Double Evidé Sonnant -Acier Français"... What do you...
  3. Mandrake

    My straight razor debut

    Today I finally had the time to try an straight reazor for the first time. Used La Toja stick, and guess it went as usually does for all newbies: trying to get the proper angle and approach, and remaining alive at the same time. Had 2 or 3 cuts, but only one "serious" in my chin, but a quite...
  4. Mandrake

    Another Spaniard in the club....

    Hi Gentlemen I have been "forced":biggrin: to join this last paradise for us, "old school gentlemen" :biggrin: Actualy, it was a fellow Spaniard, a member of this forum and also of a Spanish Forum dedicated to watches, who opened my eyes, and also a few more, to this...how can I put...
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